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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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user 2014-05-08 02:57:56 Allysonsmith

what comes after the red dragon?



2014-05-08 00:38:59 MadalinaTeleman

thanks mooducky what I will do without you?? meh is a long way till next week, but I am sure I`ll get this one! )



2014-05-07 23:34:19 mimi

ugh once again it does not give me the end prize for finishing mission i set the wine machine and it kept resetting the numbers phoey missed this tree because of it



director 2014-05-07 18:49:00 mooducky

you will get one hedgehog for the habitat once you complete step 6 of the first tier of the mission.. step 1-1 you get water cans .... tier 2-2 you get gas , and then 2-3 is 150 op



2014-05-07 17:38:39 MadalinaTeleman

1pikefish: a big hug my dear friend! you never ask for help on your market order! ))



2014-05-07 17:36:01 MadalinaTeleman

well mooducky first thanks a lot and my next question, if you please, is: after what step we get the habitat? partially of course. 3rd one??? thanks in advance I am sorry for being a pain in .... but I can`t see the images



2014-05-07 17:31:55 MadalinaTeleman

yes Farmy thanks a lot I simply love my bee house. I upgraded to the maximum and works perfect!All my bees and butterflies are safe and speedy now )



2014-05-07 17:28:45 Farmy

Madalina, you probably already have the answer but beehouse holds 8 hives and or butterfly homes at the first level, then you can upgrade it to hold 6 more.



2014-05-07 16:56:45 Lis

Bazz07 you can get it on Thanksgiving classic mission



director 2014-05-07 14:29:28 mooducky

reward is getting to keep the hedgehog haitat



2014-05-07 14:00:16 Bazz07

how can i get or how can i win. please help me?



2014-05-07 13:07:11 pik

they add rewards, i am getting 150 level soon and the reward is a fuzzy rabbit



2014-05-07 12:24:47 1pikefish

good question



2014-05-07 11:13:55 MadalinaTeleman

well I think this one will come on today or next Monday ) but what is the reward??



2014-05-07 09:51:21

update please



2014-05-07 06:13:29 MAHA

thnk u so much r_gamer....



2014-05-07 00:36:33 cakepop13

any rc in use?



2014-05-07 00:27:41 cakepop13

how do you get purple voucher in market order?



2014-05-06 21:30:31

such a long mission, i started it but never finished, i think i was close as well, but i really wanted the church



2014-05-06 20:38:33 mooducky

machine house and bee house are listed as buildings. machine house uses gas but bee house does not..... market orders are used to get RC items without using RC .. you collect the vouchers from sending complete orders and then get a voucher.. all the orders are random for each player there is no set order for them and they are different for each player



director 2014-05-06 20:36:33 mooducky

okay this site not letting me post ... i know i have to be careful since one trick i found is that it does not like apostrophes but my last post I thought I was careful to not use any and it still did not post



2014-05-06 20:28:35 zahir238

we want this on agame!!!



2014-05-06 19:55:18 r_gamer

MAHA: The Bunny Butt Cake needs 3 Orange Jam, 3 Crate of Eggs, and 10 Rye Flour. The Chick on a Stick needs 10 Cherry Tomatoes, 10 Buffalo Milk Cheese, and 1 Stick (which you get from Neighbors). Both of these recipes are available for a limited time, and at least on qiqigames, show up on the very first page. Have you tried doing a search for them in the Dessert Shop? I have also found that the search window does not work in full screen mode. Good luck.



2014-05-06 19:50:28 r_gamer

Please put the Machine House, Market Order, and Beehouse on this site (and tell us which link you find it under). In particular, I want to know if the Machine House and Beehouse cost Gasoline like the Animal House apparently does (makes no sense, B.T.W.!), and what in the world is the Market Order even for??



2014-05-06 19:28:11 Aya

wanna finish it 2day



2014-05-06 18:37:05 Sunshine

This page needs to be fixed completely. Spinach can only be used in the Pietrain Pig Coop, Soup Machine, and the Salad Machine.



2014-05-06 17:44:18 Agnie1962

I wish I could have done some of these missions I am on level 56 and only have gotten around 3 or so



2014-05-06 15:32:54 Kaaha

ohhh they are so cute!



2014-05-06 12:50:02 chansmast

very easy



2014-05-06 08:53:55 T.Nghia

150 OP and Hedgehog Habitat