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New Missions
The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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New Missions

The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
Rare Gashapon
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Paradise Flycatcher Wall Hooks
Paradise Flycatcher Vase
Ribbon & Feather Poncho
Paradise Flycatcher Kite
Paradise Flycatcher Friend Pen
Ribbon Feather Hat
Ribbon & Feather Bouquet
Ribbon Feather
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat Flower
Paradise Flycatcher Container
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat Rock
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat
Window Bird Feeder
New Year Tower 2020
Tatarian Aster Pillow
Colorful Aster Bouquet
Tatarian Aster Cufflinks
Tatarian Aster Garland
Tatarian Aster Essential Oil
Tatarian Aster Bouquet
Tatarian Aster
Tatarian Aster
Sapphire Flower Vase
Sapphire Flower Ring
Sapphire Flower Cake
Sapphire Iced Tea
Sapphire Icecream
Sapphire Flower Bouquet
Sapphire Flower
Sapphire Tower Tree
Janus Calendar
Janus Sculpture
Happy New Year Card
New Year Festive Platter
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Janus Coin
The New Year City Last Chance 4
The New Year City Last Chance 3
The New Year City Last Chance 2
The New Year City Last Chance 1
Times Square Medal
Plumbago Painted Driftwood Comb
Floral Short Dress
Plumbago Mouse Pad
Plumbago Basket
Plumbago Cocktail
Plumbago Straw Bag
Plumbago Painted Driftwood
Plumbago Essential Oil
Plumbago Flower Petal
Plumbago Flower
Plumbago Tree
New Year Sale Coin
Nine-colored Reindeer Hoodie
Flower Chandelier
Nine-colored Reindeer Toy
Flower Antler Headband
Nine-colored Reindeer Pendant
Flower Antler
Nine-colored Reindeer
New York City Guidebook
Phoenix Feather Hair Accessory
Dawn Phoenix Feather in Bottle
Dawn Phoenix Feather Pen
Dawn Phoenix Feather Bookmark
Dawn Phoenix Pocket Watch
Dawn Phoenix Greeting Card
Dawn Phoenix Costume Wings
Dawn Phoenix Feather
Dawn Phoenix
Tofu Jambalaya
Crab Jambalaya
Jambalaya Stuffed Wings
Turkey Jambalaya
Lobster Jambalaya
Shrimp Jambalaya
Vegan Jambalaya
Salmon Jambalaya
Beef Sausage Jambalaya
Chicken Jambalaya
Jambalaya Machine
Dazzling Eve Leaves Mirror
Dazzling Eve Light-up Wine Bottle
Dazzling Eve Leaves Wall Light
Dazzling Eve Leaf Poncho
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2020-08-10 01:15:59 help

where can you get the white tailed deer



2020-08-08 12:46:18 hopeless

I am getting close to hanging it up with family farm as things you need are not available in the store. Xana does not seem to exist and things you cannot make or do without the seeds to plant.



2020-08-06 14:36:50 Hickory

A second sewing machine can be found in the left side Goals from Daryl in Oh My Garlic. 47th mission from Daryl, but these branch off. I did about 200 of the Goals evenly.



2020-08-03 20:07:18 pigpen

A soda machine needs sugar and bubbles to make the soda for each flavour.



2020-08-03 20:02:08 pigpen

Winter heath seeds it says level 30 but level 30 of what as i have been waiting a long time to find the seed in the store. It has never happened and I am getting mad.



2020-07-31 12:51:08 Alison

Anyone else lose their progress from the essential maintenance they had to do? I lost RC as well, not very happy as I have to start again on the Aye Aye mission.



2020-07-16 11:50:24 help

what do you need an animal house for when you have a warehouse to store things in.



2020-07-12 17:08:38 Mags

How do I get the Sultan postman chicken?



2020-07-08 08:41:03 Libralady

In the Animal Parade Tent it says Moon Fairy will be online soon. Stay tuned.



2020-07-05 12:45:37 pumbaa

what is the name of the flower in Germany Week?



2020-06-29 10:44:24 help

3 years later and still no answer as to how to get the moon fairy or even where to get it.



2020-06-28 14:31:00 help

Does anyone know where to get the Naga animal?



2020-06-28 13:53:03 help

I would like to know the same thing not sure where to get it from. It is called Moon Fairy.



2020-06-25 14:02:01 help

10 quokka bouquet. 10 cactus container. 1 ice cream cart. 1 dining table and that shows for level 1.



2020-06-25 13:58:30 help

How do you get the Quokka Habitat as I cannot find it in the store



2020-06-08 16:39:01 unfair

I would love to get the Atlantic Puffin but it is not right that it is only available to a select few that are part of a team and you do not know how to buy crystals or get them.



2020-06-04 20:34:29 veronica190

does anyone know what ingredients a soda machine needs?



2020-06-02 14:16:03 lost

Trying to find the stuffed pepper machine. Anyone know where to get it.



2020-06-01 17:01:42 AviNH

I can not see my quests on the side any suggestions to fix it?



2020-05-30 12:47:07 help

what does the sandman do?



2020-05-27 14:42:08 help

I am confused. It tells me I need Shiba Inu but it does not show it in my warehouse and yet it shows i have 3 old cans so where would I get it from. Is it part of a task.



2020-05-26 12:41:45 help

Where do you get the stardust pony



2020-05-19 13:42:55 sighs

It has been over a year and still no winter heath seeds in the store does anyone know when that will be available for us to plant them.



2020-05-19 02:42:22 MeadowCrossing

RMA, no one can send anyone RC.



2020-05-12 15:32:40 waiting

Hey where ismy winter heath seed as I suspect someone took mine from my silo.



2020-04-21 16:53:19 Farmer

How can I get Silky Sifaka?? I cant find it



2020-04-21 00:40:40

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2020-04-17 04:59:22 chapurnka46

no entiendo x que cambiaron el dia de recibir mis RCS esta semana?me tocaban hoy y no los recibire hasta la semana que entra,devieron cambiar el dia despues de recibirlos esta semana



2020-04-16 18:13:48 zainab

why there is no info about new missions?