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New Missions
Papua Adventure
Turn it Upside - Down
Friendship Fisher
Nuts for Paradise
Save the Lemur
Mystery Shopkeeper
Live Oaks for Live Folks
Peak Cuisine
Kitten Golf Tour
Journey to the East
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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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New Missions

Papua Adventure
Turn it Upside - Down
Friendship Fisher
Nuts for Paradise
Save the Lemur
Mystery Shopkeeper
Live Oaks for Live Folks
Peak Cuisine
Kitten Golf Tour
Journey to the East
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Strawberry Icecream Pencil Case
Chocolate Pencil Case
Bubble Pencil Case
Hamster Pencil Case
Pink Pencil Case
Panda Pencil Case
Wax Gourd Pencil Case
Muskmelon Pencil Case
Watermelon Radish Pencil Case
Pitaya Pencil Case
Lemon Pencil Case
Watermelon Pencil Case
Pencil Case Machine
Marita Replacement Lamp Shade
Papua Marita Fried Chicken
Marita Painted Driftwood
Marzipan Marita Candy
Marita Strength Water
Marita Jam
Marita Tree
Crystal Maiden Magic Frontlet
Invoker’s Practising Sculpture
Gotic Wizard Magic Crystal Ball
Back-to-magic-school Ornament
Magic Glow Stick
Invoker Fridge Magnet
Frozen Magic Ball
Flaming Magic Ball
Lightning Magic Ball
Pear Tarte Tatin
Brussels Sprouts Tarte Tatin
Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin
Nut Tarte Tatin
Banana Tarte Tatin
Kiwi Tarte Tatin
Nectarine Tarte Tatin
Fig Tarte Tatin
Apple Tarte Tatin
Tarte Tatin Flour Container
Tarte Tatin Table
Tarte Tatin Dish Rack
Tarte Tatin Rolling Pin
Tarte Tatin Machine
Gerbil Fence
Gerbil Pots Decor
Gerbil Watering Can
Gerbil Yellow Bowknot
Taco with Spiral Ginger Sauce
Kingfisher Animal Cracker
Freya and Her Cat Shower Curtain
Freya’s Tear Wall Art Painting
Amortentia Potion
Freya’s Tear Neon Sign
Freya’s Tear Necklace
Freya’s Tear
Farmstyle Energy Drink Machine
Spiral Ginger Petal Cake
Children DIY Pencil Holder
Spiral Ginger Petal Donut
Spiral Ginger Petal
Crepe with Spiral Ginger Sauce
Pasta with Spiral Ginger Sauce
Spiral Ginger Sauce
Spiral Ginger
Spiral Ginger
Kingfisher Porcelain Creamer
Kingfisher Decor
Kingfisher Bottle Opener
Kingfisher Pinata
Kingfisher Chocolate
Kingfisher Cupcake
Kingfisher Sweater
Kingfisher Habitat’s Reed
Kingfisher Trough
Kingfisher Habitat’s Flower
Kingfisher Habitat Decor
Kingfisher Habitat
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2019-09-16 14:13:48 home

Where do you get Doctor bird from?



2019-09-12 02:02:30 rawryvie

porque ya no estan claras las indicaciones para las missiones????



2019-09-09 21:43:14 Wanda Stone

Add me wanda stone and we will be friends on facebook and game



2019-09-06 13:58:44 Bassem




2019-09-06 03:11:54 home

Has anyone been able to find the churros machine. I cannot find it in the store not sure why it is not showing there.



2019-09-04 16:46:00 home

where do you get the churros machine as it is not in the store.



2019-09-04 01:15:02 chapurnka46

termine la ultima fase del Aerial haciendo lo que se necesitaba para poder quitar al Animalito que estaba ahi,y no me dio la opcion de terminarlo y poder tomar el ultimo premio,porque terminando lo que se pedia volvio ahi mismo otro animal y ya no me permitio tomar el premio que fue lo que paso con esto?????????



2019-08-17 23:49:07

what do we need this building for? please tell me about it.Does it worht the price and the rc?



2019-08-15 19:26:27 Bobo

5 Years



2019-08-15 19:19:50 home

Maria... The edelwiess seed is now in the store. I know three years later from when you asked that is a long time to have to wait.



2019-08-14 15:16:08 MeadowCrossing

Unable to access the game on Agame. Code 502 Bad Gateway when refreshing.



2019-08-11 14:15:09 Jimbobwho

Only took 4 pomegranate juices and got both trees



2019-08-10 06:42:59 aytan

hey, guys, I need some friends in family farm on fb. plz add me so we can be neighbors *aytan yadaei*



2019-08-03 14:12:19 Alison




2019-07-31 05:34:01 Gris

Where or how do I get the Badger Family?



2019-07-31 04:30:44 GenimS

How much RC is needed tocomplete this?



2019-07-30 08:00:11 Holiday

How many materiel for Petroleum Refinery and how much RC for specific materiel?



2019-07-29 23:59:40 1pikefish

hi Ghostlady1, the chat posting is very confusing and have been for some time. so, hang tough and pay.



2019-07-29 23:22:20 Ghostlady1

MC, all my posts in main chat & neighbours walls have become invisible to everyone other than myself. I can see & read everyones posts but my replies & posts seem to be invisible.I have been quite ill so have just been gifting daily but not sure if i will return especially now that i can not chat with friends. I will continue to gift daily for now. Could you please let everyone know. Best wishes, GL



2019-07-29 19:39:56 Jackie

Where can I find this to purchase?



2019-07-27 00:47:12 Paradiseisland

In Farm Club You have to complete sets of different machines, animals, trees, to get the animals. Each set of three gives you stars/points towards the animal. You have to get all the ones before the fire peacock before you can get that one, check the farm club link on the left under sponsored links.



2019-07-11 14:29:24 home

I am getting more and more confused with this game. It told me to go to the farm club to get the legendary fire peacock and instead it opens up a drawing with animals on it as though you have to buy all those ghose animals that you have no clue what they are it does not tell you.



2019-07-10 11:39:32 home

Where do you get Xana from.



2019-07-09 15:10:36 Bia

Cashmere Wool - can you get it from another animal? (other than Cashmere goat)??



2019-07-02 07:16:02 Hickory

Machine Zone does your wildest fantasy of producing with machines. Need to make butter? Tired of making all the cream first? In Machine Zone you can use two or more machines in tandem and craft products with multiple inputs at once in the Machine Houses. Does not include inputs from Animal House, Bird House or Bee Houses. Machine products only.



2019-07-02 03:56:41 Hickory

Info: I am doing this mission and I had to collect the Buffalo Milk by hand to get the 1 Cereal Recipe required. I had produced 360 Buff Milk using OP. I was using 3 Buffalo with costume add-ons. I was about to try buying a fresh Buffalo without costume to try, but as soon as I turned the OP off and collected one milk from the Costume Buffs, I got the recipe. I post this here in case anyone else has trouble.



2019-06-21 09:52:46 Holiday

what does machine zone do?



2019-06-20 03:46:08 boomy

anyone know another site to find out requirements for the new events and things?



2019-06-18 13:36:46 home

how doypu get the moroccan goat



2019-06-18 13:28:00 Maria

everything is wrong for level 119/ PECAN tree and nougat machine!!!!