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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2017-05-15 22:16:50

1pikefish this is one part of the triple mission mothers day is coming.The ballet hipo is the final reward(you have to collect 150 thanks mum cards to get it.The other prizes are:3gas,fast sandwitch machine,rainbow rain



2017-05-15 21:51:07 1pikefish

well, the ballet hippo or? anyone knows what is the other reward? medusa? busking kangaroo? or just a regular headache?



2017-05-15 16:23:11 MeadowCrossing

Great reminder for getting OP! Also, farmers, please do not ask for 5 coins on your wish list. Ask for strawberry pie, add it to your barn, and sell for 306 coins. For green vouchers, some collectable items give one voucher a day (sorry, I do not remember which one), and filling market order crates give random green vouchers.



2017-05-15 15:24:16 maestro

need to buy this???



2017-05-14 19:10:51 maestro




2017-05-13 22:59:36 50

Get more op by asking for white fence from your neighbors and trading it for 30 op each.



2017-05-13 19:54:41 JP

If you have automation ON for the groove I presume they will not be able to pollinate them?



2017-05-13 10:20:20 maestro

There is no "reference" for the "Gas tanker". In the following link , you can see its needs:



2017-05-12 20:55:56 MeadowCrossing

If you do not have the horse, it is likely the better option. As a neighbor of mine said, if you take the gift pack, it gets used up and you have nothing left. You can make lots of things with the horse and carrots are either free gifts or inexpensive to grow. Hope this helps



2017-05-12 10:46:01 janet

which is better ? carousel horse or farmer aid pack?



2017-05-11 22:54:55

Fahmah this is felicias secret recipe mission



2017-05-11 22:53:12

Fahmah this is the superman cook mission



2017-05-11 09:54:11 Fahmah

Do you have the details for the other 2 characters?



2017-05-10 22:12:24 Paradiseisland

Oh no I just got to level 81, which means I am in the 81+, oh well. I also need two machines.



2017-05-10 19:47:21 Guiaume

You need a straw bag for 10 RC and 12 items you can ask for.



2017-05-10 17:32:38 1pikefish

same all,same all :O



2017-05-10 16:29:01 MeadowCrossing

several of us playing on agames are having problems with the game loading. It may be due to the global event. Hopefully we will be able to get back into the game soon. Suggest anyone having similar problem, to clear your download and cache, check for Chrome update (I had to update mine) and restart your computer. Cheers and have a great day.



2017-05-10 13:36:12 MeadowCrossing

Temari, it is also produces milk faster than the regular cow



2017-05-10 10:26:00 lol

Its way cheaper than before. When i bought it for the first time, it cost me 10 RC



2017-05-10 10:18:33 Temari

I want this cow so bad, its really cute



2017-05-09 07:48:38 keith

hey i need a container for a cream machine please



2017-05-08 22:52:57 MeadowCrossing

Game is working again



2017-05-08 21:58:42 Litsu

Down here too :/



2017-05-08 21:39:15 1pikefish

agame.comis down since 12 PM ET. still down.



2017-05-08 20:42:34 -PINKY11-

What happend with the game??????not load please fix them



2017-05-08 19:17:06 MeadowCrossing

ElectraD, glad it is not only me! Must be their site as I am also unable to log in.



2017-05-08 19:15:43 MeadowCrossing

Thanks, GreyLace. Suspected as much I checked the FFF site but could not find info on the magnets generator, then thought to check the SuperFermeFriends FB page under Photos, and there is a pic of the magnets generator. Apparently it needs 10 each free gifts for generator stones and control levers, and 2 x 4RC parts (on sale) for total of 8RC. On another note, does anyone know if the SuperFermeFriends site changed recently? It used to have lots of Albums under Photos. Now the most recent are all gone. There were separate albums detailing the weekly missions. I play on Agames which seems to be down since one hour as I am unable to log in. Wonder if anyone else playing there is having the same issue. Thanks!



2017-05-08 19:08:40 ElectraD

Anyone having problem logging in on Been getting "social connection could not be established" error message for the past 2 hours



2017-05-08 18:31:38 maestro

Unfortunately, it needs 10 Cork (from neighbors) and 1 Vinegar bottle which costs 7 RC!!!!



2017-05-08 18:28:21 maestro

For level 1 only help from neighbors??? I will try it.