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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2017-04-06 21:40:30 Rita

any Teddy Bear Picnic info?



2017-04-05 14:10:30 MeadowCrossing

This pic shows them eating carrots and producing some type of bunny shaped thing - maybe an egg



2017-04-04 20:13:00 MeadowCrossing

according to the Polish language justysia site, from a screen shot, the new aquarium needs free gifts and an rc item. Ask for 10 each air pump and illuminator and buy one heating rod for 4rc. The Super Ferme Friends facebook page shows a Fishing Rods Workshop. It is not clear if that is part of the aquarium or something else that is new. Guess we will see soon! Looks like fun



2017-04-04 20:03:24 MeadowCrossing

The reward is the Easter swamp rabbit habitat. From a pic on the Polish language justysia site. I cannot tell what they eat or produce though.



2017-04-04 19:29:54 maestro

2 x Ferret Habitat PINIC DECO 3 RC (2 RC)...



2017-04-04 19:28:40 maestro

12 Ferret Flower Habitat Deco , Ferret Habitat though 3 RC (2 RC), Ferret Habitat Trough 3 RC (2 RC), Ferret Habitat PINIC DECO 3 RC (2 RC)



2017-04-04 19:24:13 maestro

what does this need (RCsss etc.)



2017-04-04 16:02:00 merlia

rewards is a habitat completed



2017-04-04 15:05:21 Sunflower22

Is the new aquarium really 1000rc? And then it looks like there are upgrades that are also 1000rc?



2017-04-04 12:17:16 Paradiseisland

My thinking would be skippy and his brothers, some type of rabbits maybe?



2017-04-04 11:13:59 Hana

What is reward?



2017-04-04 10:27:19 Knilpt

Merlia and Albana



2017-04-02 16:32:50 merlia

anyone knows the steps of the kid of the jungle???? plz tell me asap



2017-04-01 21:54:48 Albana

does anybody know what we need for kid of the jungle on classic mission, thanks



webmaster 2017-03-31 14:52:40 Belfer02(

-benjia- Fast Waffle Machine



2017-03-31 14:21:25 -benjia-

what is the first reward in karaoke night mission?



2017-03-31 14:19:53 -benjia-

whats the first?



user 2017-03-30 04:03:22 Char1060

You can get this tree with the "a big birthday" mission on the right side. You build the cake with crop and tree tokens



user 2017-03-30 04:00:25 Char1060

benjia, cashew apple is the reward for the a big birthday mission. On right side, you build the cake with crop and tree tokens



2017-03-29 21:24:24 gourisarkar999@gmail

from yesterday my game did not get is so disgusting and unfortunate for me...for this problem i could not finish this limit mission...can you do anything to solve this problem....pleaseeeee....every day a new problem arises...i am so tired of it....



2017-03-29 19:19:49 MeadowCrossing

you need to have Hopeland and make it there, or ask a neighbor who has Hopeland and that tree to set it out for you to harvest, or complete the birthday cake; the tree is the mysterious reward for the completing the cake.



2017-03-29 19:03:26 -benjia-

tec guys where is the cashew apple tree for the karaoke night mission?



2017-03-29 15:48:48 Nick

lot of RC that need to unlock tools and crop.



2017-03-28 11:29:52 meaww

ty char1060



user 2017-03-28 05:09:25 Char1060

here is Diving in Capri:



2017-03-28 04:36:22 elicat

maestro - scroll up from the comment section. The items are listed right there: 8 cheesecake sprayer, 8 cheesecake box, 1 cheesecake top (3 rc) and 1 cheesecake container (6 rc)



2017-03-28 04:26:39 elicat

Fahmah - Nothing. You just need to make a lot of items and eventually you will have enough points (top right corner) to get to level 2.



2017-03-28 04:24:28 elicat

It is a collectible machine and it gives you different kinds of insects (ladybug, dragonfly, etc) every few hours



2017-03-28 04:20:44 elicat

There is a classic game in which the final reward is an Irish horse



2017-03-27 15:51:58 maestro

Sorry, but I cannot find where it is displayed..