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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Super Ferme - Super Ferme Mini - Information et aide sur le jeu
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المزرعة السعيدة - مزرعتنا السعيدة للموبايل - معلومات ومساعدة في اللعبة
Fattoria Felice - Funny Farm - Fattoria Felice al Mare - Informazioni e aiuto sul gioco
Vida en la granja - Vida en la Granja Marina - Información y ayuda en el juego.
Bizim Çiftlik - Bizim Çiftlik Sahil - Oyun hakkında bilgi ve yardım
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2016-11-05 16:29:12

elicat can we feed any goat for the mssion gamblin granny



2016-11-05 12:02:13 Sunflower22

I wish there were more of the new trees available in the voucher shop, or another way to get some of them. There are 33 types of trees that I only have 1 of. Or maybe a mission to get a second one of some of them.



2016-11-04 14:06:57 -benjia-

thanks sunflower22 very important the info you gave me



2016-11-03 19:44:54 Paradiseislands

They have you doing a classic mission during a limited time mission, if you have not got a silky chicken, and all these different machines, animals and trees, too much RC



2016-11-03 19:24:24 elicat

Is this perhaps the same tennis racket that you can ask your friends as a gift?



2016-11-03 19:01:03

from whre we can get this



user 2016-11-03 18:06:19 Figger4

I used the Pirate Kangaroo but had to refresh game before it accepted it, And I made cookies 1 at a time and only had to make 5 cookies to get all 8 Didgeridoos.



2016-11-03 01:24:52 Katie

Need ranch cash to finish machine.



2016-11-02 13:19:13 eyad-eyad

Farm Fusor 2000



2016-11-02 12:43:34 Sunflower22

benija, you will gradually acquire fossils that you can trade for more land, and a few RC trees. The enhance crafting Station should be used its max of 3 times a day and that will give you the ability to make regular trees into prized trees. You tend to end up with a big pile of trees that are prized or noble so investing in some groves is a reasonable idea.



2016-11-02 12:36:30 Sunflower22

benija, there seem to be some problems with hope land, like you can not get enough tokens to advance the mammoths past the first few stages. But in general, feed and play with the mammoths you have. Take advantage of both the task on the left and the level up prizes. You can reject a food request for a mammoth if you do not have the ingredients by hitting the refresh symbol.



2016-11-01 14:32:27 -benjia-

please instructions about hope land, too many questions and no answers



2016-11-01 04:34:49 juanoi

interesting list!!



2016-10-31 18:11:47 elicat

This is a three part mission. With every step you collect winter gloves. You can exchange the gloves for prizes: 3 gasoline - fruit wine machine - rainbow rain - moon bear (gives moon bear fur)



2016-10-31 16:52:25 lego




2016-10-31 07:45:27 hassanraza

i need 10 rc



2016-10-30 11:29:08 tsemist

witch bunny is too expensive



2016-10-29 12:50:32

Elena I really cant figure out which dish you mean but if you need to unlock a tool in the kitchen you have to spend rc for it.If the dish you want its locked on a level then you must reach the level it asked.Either way good luck



2016-10-28 21:29:29 Elena




2016-10-28 21:28:02 Elena

I just want to ask how to lock a dish at the kitchen ..autumn beef dish i mean ..



2016-10-28 19:10:08 GreyLace

r_gamer: I am not certain, but I believe the gift to ask for is pot stand. Also, the copper mould is in the Farm Team Shop for 500 Blue Crystals and 7 Purple Crystals.



2016-10-28 18:58:57 Jen

Where can I find a list of the levels in order for Paradise Island??



2016-10-28 18:34:35 elicat

r_gamer: the rc parts are available in the store. So you can figure out if you have the 8 rc you need to build this machine. I cannot find the copper pots in the gifts either. But when you buy the machine it will tell you what free gifts you need. If it is 8 copper pots, then it is clearly a bug that the parts are not available and you need to fill in a help ticket. If it is other free gifts you need, you can ask those gifts from your neighbors. (Sorry but I am not going to spend 500 coins in order to check out what free gifts you need, s I already have this machine).



2016-10-28 16:12:58

r_gamer magical copper pot costs 500 coins and needed 8copper pots(free gifts from neighbours) 1 cooper mould+1magical pot of 5rc each(now on sale 4rc each)



2016-10-28 14:44:54 d

looks like salmon



2016-10-28 11:22:48 r_gamer

Magical Copper Pot materials please?



2016-10-28 11:15:52 r_gamer

Thank you for answering! Unfortunately copper pots are not apparently an option for the gifts… So is it possible there is a different set of materials depending on what you use to play this game?!? And what are they please? I really need to know or I cannot start the mission because I cannot afford to waste space on something I cannot or do not have time to build!!!



2016-10-27 18:56:51 elicat

I just did this mission last week. I think you go by what is written, so sap wine and gisela cherry.



2016-10-27 12:32:05 meaww

it says sap wine shows plum wine says gisela cheery pies shows lime pie??? whats correct



2016-10-26 21:03:01 Lou

Thx a million Mishell.