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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Jingle Bell Flower Bud
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Alaskan Malamute Fridge Magnet
Alaskan Malamute Wind Chime
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2016-10-08 05:19:25 Sunflower22

phefferbunny, they will probably put Hopeland back on sale within a few weeks. It seems to have a few bugs that need to be worked out, so it is OK to wait.



2016-10-08 03:20:51 Minuet

True, Jimmy. Smoothie Machine requires 40 Pomegranates, 40 Peaches, 40 Pears to finish building it. I love when machines require products instead of machine pieces to finish.



2016-10-07 23:33:03 Tara

Where do I find ants to feed the toad?



2016-10-07 18:10:31 GreyLace

crafty: If that is the case, you may as well pick the Zombie Zebra.



2016-10-07 16:24:11 phefferbunny

I missed the Hopeland sale. Am I reading it correct that it now takes 10 million coins? Thanks



2016-10-07 02:47:44 crafty

the chicken pony is in the honor shop as able to buy at a certain level..The zombie zebra is not offered in store or any where else..Which is better to get on this



2016-10-06 23:42:33 A

What do materials I need to build this??



2016-10-06 15:57:37 moayad

family barn



2016-10-06 07:30:09 hassan raza

i need 20rc pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*



2016-10-06 07:23:38




user 2016-10-06 05:24:19 1pikefish

lava monster is for sale on the paradise island at 800 000 silver coins



2016-10-06 04:24:25 Sally

I think it was chance of a prize at one point if you bought rc or one of those pay rc to spin the wheel type events



2016-10-06 03:10:00 khristjan

How do I get the Lava Monster?



2016-10-05 23:55:37 Colt210

Wonder when this will come to us on facebook. Since I have not seen it yet.



2016-10-05 13:55:52 Sunflower22

Wonder when we will get this on FB.



2016-10-05 02:44:15 Svet

Which of them are more useful?



2016-10-04 21:29:05 mido

i need them both which is better



2016-10-04 20:03:40 Cos

I also bought the quarry rope from the Team Shop: 600 blue + 8 purple



user 2016-10-04 08:20:34 tarkin13

The difference is the many products that can be made from the "More Heavy Duty" Brick mill. the dutch Mill is limited.



2016-10-04 04:46:45 dikomiji

Level.....All 1+?



2016-10-04 04:05:58 Khristjan

termita, no logro entender bien cual es el problema que tienes ya que hasta el momento no he visto que me pase algo similar y tengo mas de 2 años jugando. Luego puede que estes confundiendo misiones que tu puedes abrir cuando quieras a algunas misiones que aparecen automaticamente, ejemplo: actualmente la de la mantaraya aparecio automaticamente y no hay mucho que hacer sino cumplirla en el tiempo que el juego establece y punto. Y de paso te comento que preguntaste esto en el foro en Ingles, si quieres más y mejores respuestas puedes buscarla en el foro en Español. Saludos



2016-10-04 03:12:04 termita

Bu@aaaaasaa alguien me puede explicar como es posible que la camara de comercio haga trampa y por eso puedas perder una mision bu@aa por esa trampa...voy a explicar mejor la cosa por aue estoy que reviento..bua....La camara me pide un pedido de plantar....en cuanto lo planto me abre una mision aue todavia no iba a abrir por que no tenia los materiales listo y estoy terminando otra mision..y esa camara me la abrio y ahora perdere esa mision por que me estan dando sietes dias...cuando tu la abres te dan catorce dias...bu@aaa y ahora quien podra desahacer lo que me ha hecho esa tramposa camara de comercio. Bu@aAAAA



2016-10-02 15:09:50

merlia the prizes you can have once you complete the mission are the same for all levels.For this mission you have to choose between elephant shrew and a blood orange tree



2016-10-02 08:15:08 merlia

what is the gift in betwwen lvl 41 plus.... can any1 tell



2016-10-01 23:50:46 Sunflower22

Last question, in Hopeland, you can feed the mammoths and you can train them, but they stop being trainable and need a strength token to be trainable again. I get much fewer strength tokens than I have mammoths that need them. So most of my mammoths are untrainable until I get more tokens.You can not even spend RC to get tokens. So my mammoths are level 7 and 6 animal level and skill level 3. They need 3 strength tokens each to go to the next level, but I have none. What am I missing?



2016-10-01 23:44:54 Sunflower22

Sorry to harp on this, but in Hopeland. What level do the mammoths have to be to be full grown? I have one that is level 7 and it is not full grown.



2016-10-01 23:43:11 Sunflower22

Questions about Hope Land. What happens to the noble trees after you use them in the treelab? They do not seem to be available for another breeding effort. I had one fail and one success at making a miracle fruit tree. The miracle fruit tree needs watering by you and neighbors before it is full grown.



2016-10-01 19:58:00

1pikefish this is the reward for the "entrepreneur elephant shrew" mission



2016-10-01 19:56:03

1pikefish the prizes for this mission are elephant shrew or blood orange tree



2016-10-01 14:25:27 Nat

Aggh.. why cant we build a machine without this RC thing involve :-(