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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2016-07-06 22:17:42 Auca

How much RC in total for the mission ?



2016-07-06 14:44:44

even if you have all the machines the animals and the shops ii demanded for this mission you still need to unlock black rice seed(2rc) and the cruet set(2rc) in the kitchen and the spoon in the refreshment shop also.



2016-07-06 00:06:21

most of the veteran players must feel the bird is much more important



2016-07-05 22:57:06 Sunflower22

Is the new mission, kid of the jungle, the first time we could have gotten the quail? It looks familiar but it is not in my gift basket, warehouse or other likely places.



2016-07-05 21:52:54 Cos

what are the other 5 steps that are not shown initially, please?



2016-07-05 21:51:47 Cos

thanks a lot! I just bought the big one and I think I will sell it in order to get smaller ones. Would you advice me to do this?



2016-07-05 15:26:45 -Benjia-

what material need for this? thanks



2016-07-04 23:47:39

Cos you will need 30xaqua greenhouse tube+30xaqua greenhouse glass(free gifts from neighbours)



2016-07-04 23:07:40 Cos

what do u need 4 this?



2016-07-04 11:34:46

-Benjia- you will need 20 aqua greenhouse tube+20 aqua greenhouse shell(free gifts from neighbours) and 4 aqua greenhouse starfish(3rc each.



2016-07-04 09:47:56 -Benjia-

what material need to built it?



2016-07-04 08:56:42 ramo

the donkey is better than birds



2016-07-04 08:55:13 ramo

maybe donkey milk will be used in other future missions



2016-07-03 17:41:49

I believe the siamese fighting fish habitat itself



2016-07-03 15:16:08

what are the awards..??



2016-07-03 14:28:02

Guys I just finished the mission on facebook and got both tree AND machine!!!!



2016-07-03 04:53:45 CuriousFriend

Sally -- thank you for sharing the details about the new aqua greenhouses, very exciting to hear we have the option of storing both trees and plots. Off to send gifts to friends, waiting patiently to gather enough gifts back to complete my greenhouse. Happy farming everyone!



2016-07-03 04:44:37 CuriousFriend

Thanks for the great tip about placing a grove in the water, and storing 9 aqua trees! Off to build a water grove... Appreciating all the useful knowledge exchange on this site, making the game even more fun.



2016-07-03 03:19:00 Sally

Trees can go in Aqua green house .. Small can have 1 tree right in middle.. Not sure but think large can have 4 trees



2016-07-02 23:05:03

this is the tree we get by finishing the fountain garden mission



2016-07-02 23:04:02

Mary Im afraid is not available at the present but you can always visit your neighbours and harvest some



2016-07-02 22:45:50 mary

help please cant fimnd teh clove tree and need it for task thanks



2016-07-02 21:39:13

farmergirlc if you have 3snails you can have 3 types of marble without paying rc to build another collect station...and if you need all 4 types of marble for the faountain mission and the skandinavian one(I think the black marble needed in that mission) you will need to open a 2nd station in only 1snail.Think about it



2016-07-02 21:35:27

CuriousFriend you can always have a grove in the water and put inside 9 aqua trees.You can place it into the water or in a pond beside



2016-07-02 19:47:40 CuriousFriend

Can trees be stored in the aqua greenhouses? Or only plots?



2016-07-02 18:19:08 farmergirlc

Thanks, Crube, for the information!



2016-07-02 12:13:08 Crube

You only NEED 1 snail but it will take a ling while to make the marble needed. I bought 2, and without upgrading, got the marble needed in 3 days...



2016-07-02 11:04:06 farmergirlc

Garden fountain you need to buy all 3 marble snails and complete them? Will one marble snail give you the different types of marble? In the first part of the garden fountain you need pink and white marble.



2016-07-02 10:59:28 farmergirlc

Anyone know anything about the marble snail? Or, the Garden Fountain mission? I bought a marble snail and it show I can buy 2 more. Do I need to buy all of them?



2016-07-02 09:16:39

WHEN WILL THIS GO TO Non-Facebook SITES!?!?!?!