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New Missions
The Missing Lynx
Taking Pride in Pide
The Forest Prank (Hard)
The Forest Prank (Normal)
The Forest Prank (Easy)
The Daredevil Kiwi
Tame the Scarlet Flame
The Hotshot Twinspot
Papua Adventure
Turn it Upside - Down
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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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New Missions

The Missing Lynx
Taking Pride in Pide
The Forest Prank (Hard)
The Forest Prank (Normal)
The Forest Prank (Easy)
The Daredevil Kiwi
Tame the Scarlet Flame
The Hotshot Twinspot
Papua Adventure
Turn it Upside - Down
Rare Gashapon
Super Gashapon
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Salsify Root Tea
Elegant Trogon Habitat’s Decor
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Elegant Trogon’s Teapot
Elegant Trogon Trough
Elegant Trogon Habitat
Pasta Salad Machine
Metal Wall Art Lynx Head
Lynx Fur Winter Boots
Lynx Fur Beanie
Lynx Fur Jacket
Lynx Fur
Lynx Habitat
Japanese Beautyberry Pot Decor
Japanese Beautyberry Basket
Japanese Beautyberry Pretzel
Japanese Beautyberry Souffle
Japanese Beautyberry Macaron
Japanese Beautyberry Bouquet
Japanese Beautyberry Jam
Japanese Beautyberry
Japanese Beautyberry Tree
Halloween Animal House
Bison Meat Sausage Turkish Pide
Pine Nut Turkish Pide
Beef Turkish Pide
Corn Turkish Pide
Eggplant Turkish Pide
Spinach Turkish Pide
Mutton Turkish Pide
Goat Cheese Turkish Pide
Tomato Turkish Pide
PotatoTurkish Pide
Turkish Pide Machine
Waxwing Wooden Artwork
Waxwing Feather and Ribbon Dreamcatcher
Waxwing Feather Pen
Waxwing Saree
Waxwing Feather Half-Face Mask
Knitted Waxwing
Waxwing Sweater
Homeland Tree Fruit
Homeland Hammock
Waxwing Habitat Plant Decor
Waxwing Trough
Waxwing Habitat
Waxwing Feather
Waxwing Habitat
Kiwi Bird
Glittering Kiwi Bird Wall Painting
Kiwi Bird Stone Saving Pot
Kiwi Bird Desk Storage Container
Kiwi-Riding-Kiwi Mini Sculpture
Kiwi Bird’s Kiwi Cookie
Fluffy Kiwi Bird Ornament
Kiwi Bird Sticker
Kiwi Bird
Rainbow Dessert Bowl
Milky Way Dessert Bowl
Passionate Poppy Seed Dessert Bowl
Special Yellow Zucchini Dessert Bowl
Stripe Heartberry Dessert Bowl
Cacao Banana Dessert Bowl
Floral Dessert Bowl
Golden Beach Dessert Bowl
Kiwi Green Dessert Bowl
Buffalo Milk Container
Dessert Bowl Processor
Finished Dessert Bowl Counter
Dessert Smoothie Pastry Bag
Dessert Bowl Machine
Mother’s Day Spa Retreat Last Chance 4
Mother’s Day Spa Retreat Last Chance 3
Mother’s Day Spa Retreat Last Chance 2
Mother’s Day Spa Retreat Last Chance 1
Seed package
Jungle Guidebook
Maple Antler Tree
Lake Sunrise
Blue Fescue Dye
Beautiful Fescue Platter
Blue Fescue Saree
Blue Fescue Skirt
Blue Fescue
Blue Fescue
Spiny Lobster And Matsutake
Matsutake Gohan
Matsutake Mont Blanc
Matsutake Gift Bag
Matsutake Porridge
Roast Matsutake
Packed Matsutake
Tree House Window
Tree House Step
Tree House Fence
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2016-01-14 17:07:04 GreyLace

r_gamer: You can find it on this FaceBook page. Pictures 6, 7, and 8 show the items you need depending on your level in the game.



2016-01-14 12:36:28 r_gamer

Where are the items for the current Winter Wonderland listed?



2016-01-14 07:23:42 fadi

Where can we use this thing I got one in my gift box ? thanks



2016-01-14 04:56:11 marcthom201

what can you make with the photos?



2016-01-13 15:13:48 GreyLace

Sunflower22: It is useful. I was not certain if the paravent gave or used snowflakes. Thanks for the info.



2016-01-13 08:30:00 MTC

somebody now that over the moon lemon decor gives a limited amount of lemon or not??



2016-01-12 13:56:37 Sunflower22

For the WInter Wonderland, the paravent, gives snowflakes, only for a very limited number of times. Also the shrimp pond gives shrimp for only a very limited number of times. In case that is useful.



2016-01-12 10:33:20

add me please 10 rc



2016-01-12 05:27:45 blossom

dogwood flower tree had been a calender prize.



2016-01-12 05:22:59 elicat

I think the lemon one only gives a limited amount of lemon? Plus you can get lemon from the lemon tree. I would go for the confetti tree



2016-01-11 23:55:32 Sunflower22

Wish the Market Order or the Team shop would give us the chance to buy some of the newer RC trees, there are none in the team shop and the Market Order only has older ones.



2016-01-11 19:08:34 jeny4

which one is better



2016-01-11 04:15:57 elicat

Trees you can harvest every day, so it builds up. And I find that you need trees more often (you can usually make all kinds of products with them)



2016-01-11 04:13:56 elicat

If I had neither I would always go for the tree.



2016-01-11 00:17:07 Fred Kang

Which prize is the better choice and why? Thanks for your help.



2016-01-10 18:42:56 pinkslink

thank u @louise82b..



2016-01-10 14:20:24 Sarah

This machine now costs 100,000 coins.



2016-01-10 07:35:37 Meada

Please put the storage tank on sale.



2016-01-09 22:55:26 mido

thanks jurekb



2016-01-09 22:27:53 jurekb

Mido: Icicle is for ice hedgehog in winter wonderland mission.



2016-01-09 15:40:34 Bear

How do you get one?



2016-01-09 15:16:22 GreyLace

The mackerel and sea bass can also be obtained as rewards in the Trade House. It seems rare, but I currently have an order offering 2 mackerels and another one offering 2 sea bass as rewards.



2016-01-08 21:55:25 Isa

How can this be obtained?



2016-01-08 19:20:24 GreyLace

junior: Sometimes it is available in the voucher shop.



2016-01-07 22:43:26 mido

what is this icicle. collected when visiting neighbors thnx



2016-01-07 16:04:20 junior

hi are there any ways to get bubble bee other than but it. thank you


2016-01-07 08:51:57 Angel

FB FF says this is next not Secret Castle



2016-01-06 21:09:44 louise82b82b

pinkslink you can see the confetti tree in the tree section here Confetti is usually small bits of paper that would be thrown at a wedding or special occasions



2016-01-06 17:06:35 Sunflower22

The ant hill purple flower this mission gives as an intermediate prize is the only RC part required for the ant hill. So another prize.



2016-01-06 14:26:14 Cos

Found it! Thank you very much!