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New Missions
The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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New Missions

The Wish of Joy
Visitor from the Paradise
The New Year City (Hard)
The New Year City (Normal)
The New Year City
Monkey Cocoa Company
Mystery Shopkeeper
Unicorn Whale Overhaul
Decorate Christmas House
The Soaring Snow Squirrel
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Paradise Flycatcher Friend Pen
Ribbon Feather Hat
Ribbon & Feather Bouquet
Ribbon Feather
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat Flower
Paradise Flycatcher Container
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat Rock
Paradise Flycatcher Habitat
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New Year Tower 2020
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Colorful Aster Bouquet
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Tatarian Aster Garland
Tatarian Aster Essential Oil
Tatarian Aster Bouquet
Tatarian Aster
Tatarian Aster
Sapphire Flower Vase
Sapphire Flower Ring
Sapphire Flower Cake
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Sapphire Icecream
Sapphire Flower Bouquet
Sapphire Flower
Sapphire Tower Tree
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The New Year City Last Chance 4
The New Year City Last Chance 3
The New Year City Last Chance 2
The New Year City Last Chance 1
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Plumbago Mouse Pad
Plumbago Basket
Plumbago Cocktail
Plumbago Straw Bag
Plumbago Painted Driftwood
Plumbago Essential Oil
Plumbago Flower Petal
Plumbago Flower
Plumbago Tree
New Year Sale Coin
Nine-colored Reindeer Hoodie
Flower Chandelier
Nine-colored Reindeer Toy
Flower Antler Headband
Nine-colored Reindeer Pendant
Flower Antler
Nine-colored Reindeer
New York City Guidebook
Phoenix Feather Hair Accessory
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Dawn Phoenix Feather Pen
Dawn Phoenix Feather Bookmark
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Dawn Phoenix Greeting Card
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Dawn Phoenix Feather
Dawn Phoenix
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Crab Jambalaya
Jambalaya Stuffed Wings
Turkey Jambalaya
Lobster Jambalaya
Shrimp Jambalaya
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Salmon Jambalaya
Beef Sausage Jambalaya
Chicken Jambalaya
Jambalaya Machine
Dazzling Eve Leaves Mirror
Dazzling Eve Light-up Wine Bottle
Dazzling Eve Leaves Wall Light
Dazzling Eve Leaf Poncho
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2016-01-03 12:00:58

Qngel the last level up reward for water ranch is for level 70.I just got it and was 20gallons of gasoline.I hope they will put some more for next levels cause it was a really great idea!



2016-01-03 11:53:46 Mary

Thanks, elicat!



2016-01-03 08:33:06 Angel

WOOT Water Ranch has these now too... I hope this place lists the prizes soon!



2016-01-03 05:49:59 elicat

Kerrie - you need the Canada goose for that. You cannot buy it in the store (at this point), I got mine in the voucher shop in a one day offer



2016-01-02 20:16:38 kerrie

How do I produce goose meat



2016-01-02 08:11:06 elicat

Yes. If you click on help (next to get ranch cash) you can see the current problems in family barn



2016-01-02 06:30:24 Khristjan

Same as Mary, I am not able to store the nutcracker! Is this a game bug?



2016-01-01 07:23:27 Harona

Tndrsoroni BetterLate The eleventh is the "Liberty Pegacorn"



2015-12-31 18:16:46 Khristjan

r_gamer, there is an RC item to buy: "Angler Fish Clay" regular price 7RC but today is the last day discount for 6 RC



2015-12-31 18:13:09 Khristjan

That is what i wanted to hear, i have a lot of rewards in my giftbox waiting for action, if the wolf is one of them i will go for the green vouchers house. We can earn green vouchers in the market but not as fast as i wish to have them. So i will pick the house! Thanks again elicat!



2015-12-31 18:09:27 Khristjan

Thanks elicat, will pick sand dollars then!



2015-12-31 17:14:34 elicat

No, also an RC item, I think it was about 7 RC...



2015-12-31 13:19:30 r_gamer

Is that all? No RC items?



2015-12-31 12:41:32

really..only a date choice



2015-12-31 04:21:47 blossom

15 turfs



2015-12-31 03:03:21 elicat

If you are a newer player always try to do the missions that give away trees!



2015-12-31 01:12:52

r_gamer the prize is a date tree so nothing too big



2015-12-30 22:58:54 r_gamer

Is it worth the effort?



2015-12-30 22:46:14 r_gamer

So… what are the materials needed to build the Angler Fish Habitat…?



2015-12-30 18:51:50 elicat

Khristjan - tricky. I would probably go for sand dollar



2015-12-30 18:49:20 elicat

Looks like it needs 10 turf, 10 dove flower fence, dove pink flower (4 RC) and dove trough (4 RC)



2015-12-30 18:47:01 elicat

* IF I had neither



2015-12-30 18:45:26 elicat

khristjan - my wolf is still in my giftbox. However, I had neither I would probably pick the wolf. You already get green vouchers when you do market orders for yourself and friends



2015-12-30 17:15:36 Jess

I would like to have this tree back with a mission!



2015-12-30 15:08:24 GreyLace

The prize for completing this mission is a Date Tree.



2015-12-30 13:16:35 franvitoria94




2015-12-30 13:00:01 yaya

thanks blossom



2015-12-30 11:40:55 vaishu

what required for dove habitat



2015-12-30 05:16:32

I need both :-(



2015-12-30 05:13:47 blossom

yaya, unlimited.