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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2015-10-11 22:02:31 Cos

Does anyone know the correct minimal levels (instead of 1+) for this mission?



2015-10-11 12:44:29 merlia4001

hello guys



2015-10-11 08:35:07 sterretje-lief

lol i like famely barn



2015-10-11 04:24:58 Chique

Is the Pearl Pegasus still available? How do you get it?



2015-10-09 22:40:37 carol

Journt to India please



2015-10-09 21:49:44 Angel

any way to get this on FB?



2015-10-08 00:24:09 nan

r_gamer play de classic mission kanguroo week



2015-10-08 00:19:55 r_gamer

What is the best way to get a Dromedary Camel?



2015-10-08 00:18:34 r_gamer

Why do they always make both of the prize choices ones we want?!?



2015-10-07 18:12:10 Sunflower22

Vulture feathers are an item you can use in the beauty shop. When did we have an opportunity to get the vulture? I have been on vacation but I thought I was checking. Thanks in advance.



2015-10-07 18:09:47 me

guessing if the ever do become classic it will not be until next october



2015-10-07 03:01:23 Sapphire

Hope this becomes a classic mission so we can get the other prize



2015-10-07 01:15:50

muccullum the red puppy gives candy cane truffle by feeding it beef



2015-10-06 20:06:09 muccullum

this dog gives truffle or something else????



2015-10-06 06:26:52 blossom

What to choose???



2015-10-05 22:19:54 Cos

thank you very much!



2015-10-05 21:36:20 Tndrsroni




2015-10-05 21:35:21 Tndrsroni

I started this mission in order to complete step 2 of Darryl and Suzy Q 54+ and THEN realized that I could by the Chicklet Siblings in the store under Specials. Oh well, guess I will have two.



2015-10-05 21:03:58 kemal

i want both , damn , why should choose green as a colour , i love green -_-



2015-10-05 16:08:44 moo

you do not buy the fishing pond .. you buy the Garden ranch and the pond comes with the garden ranch



2015-10-05 12:49:32 Cos

where can u buy the fishing pond from?



2015-10-05 06:07:08

please sale the White Aluminum Tube & White Door, thanks!



2015-10-03 13:10:11 GreyLace

Kiyo: There is already a link on this site that has the Farm Club rewards. You have to scroll down a bit to see it. There are way too many to list anyway.



2015-10-03 11:26:02 Kiyo

Can anyone tell me the Farm club rewards please? Thank you in advance



2015-10-03 08:22:09 farmerjane

I want them both too, dang!! lol



2015-10-03 03:03:50 khristjan

I think: Swamp monster, since there are a couple of items that needs what they gives. I lost some other missions tasks because i did not have them.



2015-10-03 02:42:53 Mohamad

how can i earn this?



2015-10-02 16:45:08 Tndrsroni

I want both!!!!!



2015-10-02 16:44:25 Tndrsroni

which reward is more useful?



2015-10-02 14:22:44 mido

i need them both which one is priotary thnx