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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Fattoria Felice - Funny Farm - Fattoria Felice al Mare - Informazioni e aiuto sul gioco
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Bizim Çiftlik - Bizim Çiftlik Sahil - Oyun hakkında bilgi ve yardım
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Granny’s Birthday Barn Dance
Trouble in Paradise
Saving the Saolas
A Pine Marten’s Passion
Darryl’s Eggcellent Easter
Ellie & Felicia’s Makeup Mishap
Falling for Annabelle
Baby Room Surprise




Scarlet Fascinator Band
Feather Satin Sandals
Scarlet Feather Mohawk
Scarlet Ibis Tail Fishing Lure
Scarlet Ibis Friend Pen
Scarlet Ibis Stained Glass Window
Scarlet Ibis Toy
Scarlet Ibis Feather
Scarlet Ibis
Mini Satin Flower Garden
Satin Bridesmaid Necklace
Colorful Satin Scrunchy
White Satin Baby Blanket
Red Satin Muumuu
White Satin Dancing Shoes
Satin Party Napkins
Blue Satin Button
Classical Satin Party Gown
Yellow Satin Ribbon
White Satin Blazer
Yellow Satin
Blue Satin
Red Satin
White Satin
Satin Carriage Lantern
Satin Spindle
Satin Carriage Handle
Satin Carriage Wheel
Satin Carriage
Happy Ever After Candle
Theme Park Store
Apple Turtle Decor
Green Apple Scented Aromatic Candle
Fall Apple Wreath
Green Apple Earrings
Green Apple Fridge Magnet
Silver Apple Ornament
Wolf Apple
Wolf Apple Tree
Adorable Maned Wolf Earrings
Thirsty Wolf Wine Bottle Holder
Maned Wolf Figurine
Maned Wolf Pajamas
Maned Wolf Toy
Maned Wolf Piñata
Maned Wolf Water Light
Maned Wolf Mane
Maned Wolf
Spiced Meatballs with Rice
Coconut Chicken Curry with Rice
Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice
Basmati Rice Flour Porridge
Basmati Rice Flour
Basmati Rice
Basmati Rice
Mini Whale
Ship in a Bottle
Red Coral Decoration
Water Cleaning Net
Vinyl Record Purse
Music Lover’s Pasty Holder
Vinyl Record Coat Rack
Vinyl Record Notebook
Vinyl Record Stained Glass
Vinyl Record Wind Chime
Vinyl Record
DJ Racoon
Dancing Boots
Super Aquatic Fertilizer
Miracle Fruit Tree
Bullfinch Habitat Animal
Fireweed Wine
Fireweed Salad Plate Saucer Tea Cup
Fireweed Essential Oil
Fireweed Flower Bouquet
Fireweed Flower Petal
Fireweed Flower Water Light
Fireweed Flower
Pretty in Pink Wreath
Painted Protea Travel Mug
Protea Wedding Bouquet
Pretty Proteas Party Napkins
Purple Flowerfall Wedding Cake
Protea Flower Tea
Protea Flower Water Light
Protea Flower
Protea Bush
Bullfinch Yarn Decor
Bullfinch Christmas Ball
Bullfinch Hair Tie
Bullfinch Marionette
Bullfinch Mask
Bullfinch Feather
Bullfinch Habitat Tree Decor
Bullfinch Habitat House
Bullfinch Habitat Wood
Bullfinch Habitat Trough
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2015-09-22 14:52:06 samtuen505

cream cheese village description please?



2015-09-22 11:14:13 jshdue

how to make salmon and how



2015-09-21 15:57:58 Eowynn86

When is this machine going to be updated? There are twice as many trophies than are listed. Please update the machine soon. Thank you.



2015-09-21 09:24:07 Rose

sorry, its 8RC now, it was on sale yesterday



2015-09-21 09:23:12 Rose

7RC + 10 red bows and 10 candy canes for the first bird



2015-09-21 06:16:38 Clairene

The page comes up but the game will not start. I believe I am at level 60. I am going crazy because you have to sign in every day. I have not missed a day in months. I play the game several times a day for at least 2 hours at a time. Please help me. I hope you get to read this. I usually get in touch through the game site. Thank you, Clairene Townsend



2015-09-20 12:49:02 malali

done machine



2015-09-20 12:10:29 Carro

In the Aqua shop and the Water Light Machine.



2015-09-20 12:07:57 Ags

I think they added new things in Aqua Shop that will need it



2015-09-20 07:53:28

Anyone knows what do we neeed this?



2015-09-19 14:50:04 Carro

r_gamer - Farm Club reward



2015-09-19 10:59:39 r_gamer

Oh, thank you so much! That is definitely helpful news!



2015-09-19 09:41:50 Carro

r_gamer - This pig gives Thanksgiving Ham not Pork.



2015-09-19 01:30:30 Sunflower22

r_gamer the Indigo Bird Habitat is quite different than the purple bird habitat, one gives a type of eggs, the other a type of feathers. I really liked the idea of having them be the same though based on the color name. If you have a fire fly bush then get the indigo bird habitat. The firefly bush only costs 2 RC so even though we probably will not use the indigo bird habitat very much still consider getting it.



2015-09-19 00:19:04 r_gamer

Is the Indigo Bird Habitat different from the Purple Bird Habitat? Regardless, which of these is the better prize?



2015-09-19 00:06:36 r_gamer

Ah, cool - so how did you get the regular version GreyLace? Also (for anyone), which prize is better? (I want both - so sad!!)



2015-09-19 00:04:04 r_gamer

Dang it… I finally bought a regular Pig a while ago, and I also got a Silkworm Bush… So which prize should I choose?? Votes/thoughts appreciated!



2015-09-18 23:56:49 r_gamer

I was thinking that the Garden Ranch actually came with a Kitchen (some assembly required, perhaps) - but now I find that you seem to need to start it completely from scratch!



2015-09-18 16:35:43 Sunflower22

I wish the prize would be a black pepper bush sometime or we could get the black pepper bush with vouchers or RC or coins.



2015-09-18 15:53:33 Sunflower22

Does anyone know what the level ups for level 9 and 10 are? For level 8 they are 40 drywall, 40 timber 2 steam stack, 2RC each, 1 white window, 3 RC each. I keep getting the red shingle out of the submarine and am curious if I pay RC to advance pass level 8 will they be useful for level 9 or 10? Thanks in advance.



2015-09-18 15:38:35 jo

you get it by placing 11th - 25th in the global ranking of the current global event



2015-09-18 10:25:33 hanniakhan

l meant habitat, accidently wrote machine. Sorry.



2015-09-18 10:24:11 hanniakhan

What are the materials needed for this machine? Thanks in advance.



2015-09-17 10:46:10 moon

Thank you GreyLace



2015-09-17 10:22:18 r_gamer

Is there any way to get the Rainbow Unicorn, or was it from one of those one-time-only missions?



2015-09-17 10:17:34 r_gamer

Is this Rainbow Dinosaur Habitat the prize for finishing the Pumpkin Smash Mini-Game? If so, is it really a habitat that gives Dinosaur Eggs and not just a decoration?



2015-09-17 09:30:19 Lolita M C

is there a way to get the paintbrush withuot having to pay RC for it, is it possible to maybe make it somehow?,, I am doing the Lemur quest



2015-09-17 04:40:09 Moo

You can not return items once bought



2015-09-17 00:07:46 GreyLace

A Flower Stand, a harvestable decoration that gives one flower every 24 hours. It gives all of the flowers used in the Flower Packing Machine with the exception of: Purple Wisteria, Peony, Plumeria, Pink Magnolia, and Sunflower. But it does give Vanilla, Love Rose, and all Water Ranch flowers.



2015-09-16 21:05:14 sharky

to any lvel this can be upgraded