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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2015-08-07 16:58:46 tana

silk from the worm is limited??



user 2015-08-07 10:10:18 froufrou04

what is the other choice?



2015-08-06 20:48:07 GreyLace

It produces one Bionic Watering Can every 24 hours for a maximum of 200 cans.



2015-08-06 14:39:43 sye

maya: egg and almond are the main ingredient.



2015-08-06 13:24:18 Sunflower22

So I answer my own question, the knitting silkworm does seem to permanently give silk. Perhaps in compensation for how dumb it looks.



2015-08-06 08:58:36 maya

When you complete the macaron machine what ingredients are needed for making macarons?



2015-08-06 06:50:48 gourisarkar999@gmail

my completed toy machine still now is invisible. i found this problem on wednesday of last week and kept the toy machine inside of the machine house. my completed bagel machine also was invisible but now it has became visible but the toy machine remains invisible. i wrote about this problem several times before but still now the problem persists. please solve this problem as soon as possible, i have to complete trade house order.please help me.please...........



2015-08-05 00:35:09 Kiyo

For the carnival moose it produces Moose hide which is sold for 15c a peice by feeding it pinecones. Moose hide is used in the workshop for marvelious moose mittens which sell for 7700c a peice using 5 moose hide and 5 woolen yarn. woolen yarn is made from 8 wool and 5 camel hair from arabic camel.



2015-08-04 21:44:20 Tajmeel

What can we get from Carnival Moose ?



2015-08-04 16:06:40 Sunflower22

The knitting silkworm decor is one of the prizes for the upcoming Macaroon mission. Does anyone know if it keeps giving silk, or does it stop after a while. Thanks in advance.



2015-08-04 02:11:25 Sunflower22

Kiyo, this is a good page to look at for the machine house, particularly the post by Khristjan below. The first level of the machine house is only parts you ask for and you can store and use two machines. You can take them out anytime you are on the farm they are on. The next level is 50 parts you ask for and a 5RC fuel tank, you can then hold 6 machines. Nice thing about the machine house is you are only charged based on how many minutes the machine is on. So fast machines or ones that require many inputs run more efficiently than with op points.



2015-08-04 00:06:13 Kiyo

Do you know what parts are needed for the machine house and if any rc is involved in it? I have the fans but i dont know what else is needed



2015-08-03 23:12:34 moo

it sorta runs on gas .. you trade gas to get time points and it runs on time points. I think a level 1 machine house only hold 2 machines. you can take out your machines and change them with others as much as you want. How it works you put a machine in the house and then select the amount you want that machine to make of a item .. you start the machine and the machine will only make the amount you said.. you can even close the game and the machine house will still make items



2015-08-03 22:37:44 Kiyo

Hey i have questions about the machine house How does the machine house work? Does it use gas? How many machines can it hold? And if you run out gas can you take out your machines? Need a reply asap thank you



2015-08-03 16:08:33 Sunflower22

Yes the Carnival Moose is the reward for the pirate ship mission.



2015-08-03 16:07:23 Sunflower22

Tndrsroni, you can place a summer grove on any sized yard. The summer groves are like 3x3 squares, so for smaller yards the grove will partially be on the main ranch or garden ranch. Groves can also go on the yard for the water ranch, but cant overhang into the water. Summer groves are more efficient than regular groves, so good choice. You can also get the RC component, grove fence 2, in the Voucher Shop.



2015-08-03 15:16:58 Tndrsroni

can I place my summer groves in the yard and if so, which size yard?



2015-08-03 14:30:14 Mary

Is this the only way to get grown eggs?



user 2015-08-03 14:18:57 froufrou04

so a Moose is the reward for the pirate ship mission?



2015-08-03 14:15:22

the only difference between this one and the christmas Moose I got from previous mission is that saves about 20 seconds...Too much trouble for such low profit



2015-08-03 05:33:15 gourisarkar999@gmail

thank you very much for solving my one problem. my invisible bagel machine has became visible but still now the toy machine is invisible. i have kept it now into the machine house.please make this toy machine visible as soon as possible.



2015-08-02 21:04:41 GreyLace

The Bubble Bee also harvests Passion Fruit Tree, Spooky Crystal Tree, Star Fruit Tree, Nectarine Tree, & Pomegranate Tree. It is better than only the Bubble Tree, but all of those trees require RC to buy -- unless you find them in the voucher shop.



2015-08-02 20:08:18 Moo

You buy it from the shop on paradise island



user 2015-08-02 19:48:35 -Benjia-

how can we get this chicken?



2015-08-02 13:35:03 Sunflower22

Amanda, my guess is the official family farm site had a lot of post several months ago threatening sites that posted information before it was available on their site. Ever since this site has waited until the first of the family farm sites post the mission steps and then justysia posts.



2015-08-02 13:29:53 Sunflower22

r_gamer, I usually find it is a really good idea to get these new items as they show up. Otherwise eventually they show up in other missions and you have to pay RC for them.



2015-08-02 06:02:00 Amanda

what is wrong with this site? not updating missions like before..



2015-08-01 21:53:19 r_gamer

Thank you so much!



2015-08-01 21:45:46 r_gamer

I have a Lime Tree; is this mission worth it to get a Tangerine Tree?



2015-08-01 20:29:03 Sunflower22

miri, when you complete a market order you usually get a yellow voucher but about one in fifteen you get a purple voucher. You also randomly occasionally get a green voucher.