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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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All Fired Up
Mother’s Day Spa Retreat (Hard)
Mother’s Day Spa Retreat (Normal)
Mother’s Day Spa Retreat (Easy)
A Covert Mother’s Day
Darryl’s New Baseball Buddy
Magic of the Circus Tree
Superstar Slugger
Granny’s Birthday Barn Dance




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Golden Retriever Blanket
Golden Retriever Trough
Golden Hair
Golden Retriever
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Star Dust Bath Bomb
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Midnight Rose Bath Bomb
Rosy Beach Day Bath Bomb
Starlight Petunia Bath Bomb
Kiwi Bath Bomb
Daisy Diva Bath Bomb
Lemon Lush Bath Bomb
Blueberry Bath Bomb
Sassy Strawberry Bath Bomb
Bath Bomb Machine
Youth Infused Cheek Shimmer
Soft as a Baby Skin Soak
Shimmer n’ Shine Hair Pomade
Power of Youth Perfume
Drops of Youth Serum
Rainbow Rock Glycerin Soap
Musical Lovers Glycerin Soap
Honey Almond Glycerin Soap
Spring Fresh Glycerin Soap
Cherry Glycerin Soap
Starlight Glycerin Soap
Coconut Confetti Glycerin Soap
Paradise Sunset Glycerin Bar
Sunset Glycerin Bar
Watermelon Glycerin Bar
Water Lily Glycerin Bar
Peach Swirl Glycerin Bar
Glycerin Bar Machine Material Container 2
Glycerin Bar Machine Material Container 1
Glycerin Bar Machine Flower Decor
Glycerin Bar Machine Grass Decor
Glycerin Bar Machine
Mother’s Day Spa Gift Basket
Spa Essential Oil
Snail Meat Stuffed Mushrooms
Baked Snail With Garlic Butter
Snail Meat Can
Mario’s Snail Pizza
Snail Meat
French Snail
Mother’s Day Pita and Dip Machine
Water Chestnut Custard Squares
Feng Shui Fish Tank
Summer Make Up Setting Spray
Pink Water Cake
Pure Water
Bullfinch Habitat Animal
Chevon Sausage Lettuce Wraps
Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps
Spicy Thai Basil Lettuce Wraps
Veggie Lettuce Wraps
Shrimp Lettuce Wraps
Spicy Turkey Lettuce Wraps
Slow Cooker Beef Lettuce Wraps
Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Lettuce Wraps Machine
Wise Owl Lunch Box
Wise Owl Blanket
Wise Owl Figurine
Wise Owl Wind Chime
Chocolate Owl
Wise Owl Toast
Wise Owl Cookie
Wise Owl Totem
Wise Mama Owl Habitat TV
Wise Mama Owl Container
Wise Mama Owl Habitat Light
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2015-07-19 12:12:11 laurentiu laur

capybara habitat is reward



2015-07-19 11:34:53 Noon

Plz. put the steps of the Amasing Amazon?



2015-07-19 10:39:53 MALL

reallydarkblue You need Super Aquatic Watering Can You will find it in the Water Ranch tab of the Store under Farm Aides



2015-07-19 08:48:31 reallydarkblue

Hello, This is the second time I am typing this problem. Please do not waste time by deleting my question. Because the Pond Apple Tree has to be put on the water in the Water Ranch, the bionic watering does not create the water drop icon on top of the Pond Apple Tree to increase the tree growth. The super watering can also does not create the water drop icon of the top of the Pond Apple Tree to increase the tree growth. How can the growth of the Pond Apple Tree be increased? Please let me know. Please do not delete this message again. Thank you.



user 2015-07-18 14:34:25 froufrou04

suryouera you can use any cereal machine you like



2015-07-18 13:03:19 suyouera

Is the fast cereal machine okay for stage 3?



2015-07-18 08:28:07 JonathanLion

Wow so far back is this machine gotten! @sunshine777 amazingly a year later all three machines are used



2015-07-17 01:47:49 Dariyasha

What is the reward in Amasing Amazon



2015-07-16 12:48:58 coje605

the easy one



2015-07-16 10:05:18

Chompette you can also get goose meat from canada goose...if you play on facebook you can get it today from voucher shop with 18 yellow-3 purple and 90 green vouchers



2015-07-16 00:01:44

gourisarkar999gmail the mangrove tree was a reward for the diving in Capri mission. Mamgrove tree gives mangrove root



2015-07-15 18:49:53 gourisarkar999@gmail

from where can i get mangrove root . please let me know.



2015-07-15 14:51:58 Sunflower22

Chompette, you need the Thankful Goose to get goose meat. The only way I know to get it now is to pay 30RC in the Farm Club. It was a prize awhile ago.



2015-07-15 10:16:46 Chompette

Anyone know how to get goose meat for goose hamburger?



user 2015-07-15 07:59:40 froufrou04

svet yes Im afraid it is so...You have to pay5rc in order to reactivate an expired classic mission.If you get prepared, you can finish the mission in few days



2015-07-15 05:35:45 Dariyasha

Really???? To get one tree I need to buy cats center, BBQ machine and animal house. Wow!!!



2015-07-15 01:29:55 Svet

I try to reactivate one of Classic Mission but it requires 5 RC for expand that mission for 5 days.



user 2015-07-14 23:16:07 froufrou04

Kiyo you continue from the step you stopped



2015-07-14 21:52:51 Kiyo

If you reactivate an old mission does it keep your progress or do you restart it all over?



2015-07-14 18:27:02 Tndrsroni

Plumeria tree it is since I already have a bubble tree.



2015-07-14 18:26:16 Tndrsroni

Thanks r_gamer



2015-07-14 00:55:39 Mary

Hey, they changed the time for Weekly Best Chef. It was two weeks then is started a days ago, but now it is only 2 days left, so they changed it back to one week. That is not fair.



2015-07-13 23:25:38 r_gamer

Tndrsroni, look again: the products use Almonds vs. Chestnuts for the Nut Mix Machine.



2015-07-13 18:18:17 Svet

Where can I find Green Loch Ness Monster?



2015-07-13 17:39:44 Trixie

The reward is either Bubble tree or Plumeria tree.



2015-07-13 14:21:37 Tajmeel

How many RC will it cost us in total?



2015-07-13 08:13:45 Maria

mage: summer grove costs 9 RC, holds 36 trees, and takes up a little less space than a regular grove. when you hover over it, a picture pops up showing all the trees within, though you can select a check box to avoid that happening. zeco: the message box lets you leave a message for visiting neighbors. they can see this message by hovering over your picture on the neighbors bar or by clicking a mailbox button when visiting your farm. I use mine to tell neighbors what I need for my latest Market Order.



2015-07-13 04:45:51 mum-1

what are the prizes



2015-07-12 15:51:40 Tndrsroni

For levels 39+, steps 3 and 4 appear to be the same. Is this a typo?



2015-07-12 14:06:57 Sunflower22

On paradise island I really wish they would stop changing the times and goals mid period. This period had originally said 13 days to do the next 2 levels. Now today suddenly we have 4 days left instead of 10. Sigh.