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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2015-07-05 16:24:48 1pikefish

and the prizes are a black panther or ...what?



2015-07-03 18:39:55 GreyLace

It is available in the voucher shop for 12 yellow and 2 purple vouchers.



2015-07-03 11:47:56 skull

is there any need to complete pelican habitat or we have to just place it? since there is no need to feed pelican in this mission i think so i am at lvl 39



2015-07-02 21:07:38 Svet

Sunflower22, Thank You.



2015-07-02 19:56:37 moo

it gives mangrove root



2015-07-02 19:40:12 Sunflower22

Svet, sure you can fish without crafting a fishing rod. Just click on select fishing tool, then click on buy x20 salt water fishing or buy x15 fresh water fishing and then select that. 2000 coins for x20 salt water fishing or 1000 coins for x15 fresh water fishing.



2015-07-02 19:08:05 Svet

Is fishing possible without crafting Fishing Rod?



2015-07-02 18:03:29 1pikefish

what mangrove tree gives??



2015-07-02 11:46:07 Ahemd

Thanks a lot & what about super green house?



user 2015-07-02 11:07:43 froufrou04

it was about time to give us a gear to use all this aquatic honey we got



2015-07-01 19:31:40 Sunflower22

Ahmed, for the regular greenhouse you have to click once to open the greenhouse and then harvest or plant everything individually. It does speed up growth. I do not think it required any RC, just components you can ask for.



user 2015-07-01 17:32:45 froufrou04

what do we need to complete it and level it up?



2015-07-01 17:25:42 Ahmed

Hello need your help please.I love grove & super grove because I can harvest them all in one click. Want to ask you is this also with one click harvest? which one is good super green house or green house? Does it need any RC if so then how much? Thanks I bought tree green house and I hate it because I have to harvest every tree separately .



2015-07-01 06:03:26 Sunflower22

r_gamer, the blue and white plate is a 2RC item that you use on Paradise Islands. The sheepdog, looks identical to the one you can make in the dog adoption center. It gives some amount of duct tape every 3 hours. Duct tape sells for 3 coins. It is probably worth considering putting down the dog adoption center and gradually collect the pieces to get the dogs and select the Princess deer for this mission, even though sheepdogs are as always really cute. I have 3 sheepdogs already from the dog adoption center and one real one laying on the rug beside me.



2015-06-30 22:54:11 r_gamer

What materials are needed to complete the Pelican Habitat?



2015-06-30 22:49:34 r_gamer

pamp20, just to confirm, the Avocado Tree does work for Step 4 in order to produce avocados, and not just for Step 5 in making Avocado Jam?



2015-06-30 22:44:34 r_gamer

2 questions: What is the Blue and White Plate that you get after Step 3 used for? And, I just assumed that the Sheep Dog gave truffles like most other dogs - but it sounds like it is different? Could someone please explain how that works?



user 2015-06-30 20:21:01 froufrou04

Sona the reward is either a pink hippo or a dolphin habitat.The hippo eats water spinach and the dolphin crabs



user 2015-06-30 20:14:59 froufrou04

MissS7 we get coins every 24h



2015-06-30 16:01:41 MissS7

What do we get from flower monster boat?



2015-06-30 13:46:28 sona

what is the reward



2015-06-30 05:26:17

mistake:level 35 - Gasoline



2015-06-30 05:25:21

level 30 - Gasoline



2015-06-29 15:10:52 Sunflower22

Abhi1999, paradise island has islands that you gradually open that produce regularly various crops, no planting necessary. You use these crops in the various restaurants to produce foods that you then leave to be sold at the hotel. You can send crops from your main ranch to the paradise island, and there are a few items, longan tree, for instance that you can purchase on paradise island and send back to your main ranch but it is almost a separate game.



2015-06-29 11:36:19 Mary

I got 60 points and finished quite high (top 5) in the competition.



2015-06-29 11:35:17 Mary

The dog center takes much space and now the same for cats. Need better warehouse, need so much gifts at higher level. Hars to have space for everything.



2015-06-29 09:54:00 Abhi1999

what does the paradise island do ? or is it only for cooking things ? pl explain..thanks in advanced



user 2015-06-29 08:07:15 froufrou04

the stuff you get from the dogs(made in adoption center) can be used in hobby shop



2015-06-29 02:26:52 Sunflower22

Sasha, you can build all of the sheepdogs you want anytime you want in the dog adoption center, you may want to consider the princess deer instead. The sheepdog usually gives duct tape, sometimes old coils. These items are used in the workshop.



user 2015-06-29 01:19:08 froufrou04

PERFECT!!!! I was looking forward for this princess deer