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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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15 Gasoline
Dark Green Spa Robe
Pink Dahlia Spa Robe
Ferret Fuzz Spa Robe
Flannel Spa Robe
Red Polka Dot Spa Robe
Lion King Spa Robe
Snow Leopard Spa Robe
Polar Bear Spa Robe
Valentine’s Lips Spa Robe
Classic White Spa Robe
Spa Robe Machine Clothes Pole
Spa Robe Machine Control Button
Spa Robe Machine Basket
Spa Robe Machine Material Container
Spa Robe Machine
Cow Luffa Sponge
Terry Burp Cloths
Terry Cloth Beach Bag
Terry Cloths Sun Visor
Terry Cloth
Pima Cotton Blossom
Pima Cotton
Big Top Elephant Candle
Elephant Seal Memo Holder
Elephant Seal Stamp
Elephant Seal Magnet
Elephant Seal Hide
Elephant Seal Animal
Elephant Seal Tellurion
Elephant Seal Door
Elephant Seal Book Decor
Elephant Seal Trough
Elephant Seal Ball Decor
Elephant Seal
Ship Deck
Ship Chimney
Blue Whale Container
Ship Flag
Blue Whale
SawFish Vase
SawFish Plank
Wooden Container
Swimming Goggles
SawFish Habitat
Brazil Nut Tree
Painted Driftwood Sailboat
Rainbow Stick Chime
Ocean Painted Driftwood
Orca Whale Painted Driftwood
Seahorse Painted Driftwood
Mandarin Feather Painted Driftwood
Mermaid Painted Driftwood
Flamingo Painted Driftwood
Parrot Painted Driftwood
Colorful Painted Driftwood
Snowflake Painted Driftwood
Daisy Painted Driftwood
Love Painted Driftwood
Painted Driftwood Machine
Butterfly Wreath
Vintage Flower Car
Rainbow Fairy Tale Gown
Colorful Flower Crate
Colorful Flower Crown
Colorful Ribbon
Colorful Glow Stick
Colorful Chrysanths Petal
Colorful Chrysanths Bouquet
Colorful Chrysanths
Colorful Chrysanths
Captain Cat
Pirate Parrot
Sailor Fox
Sunken Ruins
Mermaid House
Drift Bottle
Fairy Garden Waterfall
Shell Doll House
Snail Condo
Oceanic Hammer
Parakeet Necklace
Parakeet Birthday Candle
Parakeet Bath Bomb
Parakeet Sticky Notes
Parakeet Picture Frame
Parakeet Apron
Parakeet Power Tie
Volcano Model
Parakeet Wind Chime
Parakeet Fridge Magnet
Parakeet Mini Bag
Free Hugs Card
Parakeet Sweater
Parakeet Toy
Parakeet Viewing Platform
Parakeet Container
Parakeet Flower
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2015-02-16 08:09:54 DUPA

Wkat materials for this



director 2015-02-15 20:10:44 mooducky

you will get the mystery gift on the 16th



admin 2015-02-15 17:20:34 Justysia



2015-02-15 16:50:26 Antara

Thanks froufrou04, I had to spend a heck load of rc to get the pony. But I can still harvest the tree, and I cannot understand how do you get the mystery decoration.



2015-02-15 15:41:17 imad imad

400 rc



2015-02-15 13:32:41 mido




admin 2015-02-15 11:51:05 Justysia



2015-02-15 10:15:37 tana

in which mission we can get it???



2015-02-14 23:12:56 Maria

I know this is used for two items in the workshop. Is it used anywhere else?



2015-02-14 15:02:00 bbelle

Once completed, should there be a second fox to appear in the habitat (like the 2nd & 3rd Cashmere Goats appeared)and as shown in the graphics on this page?



user 2015-02-14 11:45:24 froufrou04

Antara congratulations!If you wanna use it then feed it some vigorous herb and start collecting cupid heart stones



user 2015-02-14 11:40:03 froufrou04

usually all the stones we get from pegasus-pegacorn or ponies by feeding them vigorous herb can be used in jewel machine to make jewels



2015-02-14 11:37:06 Antara

I just got the cupid pony, now what do I have to do?



2015-02-14 11:19:44 kainatbhatti

thankx for helping me @tintarella



2015-02-14 10:56:35 Michael

Does anyone know what we can use the Cupid Heart Stones for?



2015-02-13 21:38:55 Sunflower22

In some ways the pink sheep is a nicer gift than the foxes. I put it out with my white and my red sheep and will actually use it. The foxes look nice but they probably will not see much use.



2015-02-13 20:08:16 tintarella

it is on sale now for 7RC. When it is not on sale it is 9RC.



2015-02-13 18:04:22 kainatbhatti

how much rc we need for tree ??????????plx help



2015-02-13 17:34:40 tintarella

once you activate the mission, how many days are available to complete it? thx



user 2015-02-13 08:02:05 froufrou04

the pink sheep is faster than common sheep.Gives wool in 75sec instead of 90sec



2015-02-13 07:31:37 Anonymous

is the pink sheep a decoration? or actually gives something?



2015-02-13 06:43:04 Jill

How can I get a donkey?



2015-02-12 05:09:15 sharky

the tree in discount for 7 rc now



2015-02-11 23:00:43 Moo

Might be something with how they are changing the trade house orders



2015-02-11 18:57:25 Sunflower22

Anyone know what the little kiosk is beside the Market Order building?



user 2015-02-11 18:10:18 bennadas

I play on site. We are a week later than the other sites (we can start every events 7 days later) and we could not participate in the last two Global Events. So bad.



2015-02-11 12:58:42 JonathanLion

Wow sweet if its all true then between lvl 35 and 48 you get a cereal bowl which costs otherwise 4 RC!



2015-02-11 08:13:33 Love Scene

Love Scene



2015-02-11 04:53:24 Antara

This time I have to make the cheese cake machine along with the ice cream machine. :-(



user 2015-02-11 00:09:28 froufrou04

ooops cinnamon tree I meant! silly me lol