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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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director 2015-01-21 23:39:28 mooducky

it looks like maybe now you can buy fudge machine at level 56



2015-01-21 20:45:41

Thank you, aniaa886



2015-01-21 20:35:57 aniaa886(

The special reward is New Year Crab Cave



2015-01-21 20:24:48

does any one know what the special reward will be?



2015-01-21 19:48:15 upiurr

prosze o dukaty 1000



2015-01-21 18:49:06

this mission looks tough



2015-01-21 17:34:49

I think its great that we can get flower tops without rc from market order exchange.And trade only brown vouchers only



2015-01-21 17:13:25 Sunflower22

I appreciate having the fudge machine and french fry machine components on sale. I have been playing for 20 months and am level 170 and never needed or bought the french fry machine, except the one classic mission, so it seems like also a very seldom used machine to make the midlevel players buy. I needed the fudge machine for the farm club, so sure I will buy it, use it and then probably store it.



2015-01-21 16:40:23 Ismailovic

Maybe you have to win the fudge machine in a mission or something like that



2015-01-21 16:13:59 MissS7

Whats with these LOVE ANIMALS? When i open it its just writing coming soon.



2015-01-21 16:03:24 Dariyasha

Fudge machine costs 180 000 and RC? What are they doing? It is not a fun. One more expensive machine for warehouse. Cool (((



2015-01-21 13:53:32 Sunflower22

workerbee, I was having the same problem with the aqua shop. Hitting refresh seemed to help.



2015-01-21 13:51:05 Me

The issue is not for really low players it is for those over 55 and not yet level 70 since the machine is not avalibe until level 70.. I will see what i can find out



2015-01-21 11:46:30 Mo

LOOK people, lower levels do NOT need the fudge machine! they need to make popcorn and fries.



2015-01-21 08:00:25 GemD

is the Aqua shop the same as the Water shop? I play on gamesgames



2015-01-21 07:31:38 sammi

what is the most suitable item to produce..? I have an aqua shop with level 1 I cant level up because I must save RC for other missoins.. help me please



2015-01-21 05:56:30 louise82b

I pressed USE when I had this horse in my gifts and it seemed to have disappeared but when I was selling some final products in my barn it appeared there and can be placed or sold for 21,232 coins



2015-01-21 04:10:29 laura

I agree, Some of the machines are getting way to expensive and not everyone has the rc to buy items. This game is suppose to be fun, but worrying over how many coins or rc are needed certainly takes the fun out of playing



director 2015-01-21 01:48:11 mooducky

workerbee .... make sure you have everything off auto in the aqua that you are out of ingredients for... you might want to go thru the entire aqua shop and turn everything off and then try to set what you can make to auto



2015-01-21 01:29:16 workerbee

The automation in my Aqua Shop are not working when I put them on it says I can only make two at a time when I am not making any can this be fixed please



2015-01-20 22:17:50

I guess is a mission only for lower levels cause its out of reach fudge machine for most of players...Too expensive need rc and unlocked after lvl70-



2015-01-20 21:19:16 Katus

Fudge Machine unlock in level 70. so all level 56-69 not have chance to play this mission ?



2015-01-20 18:58:16 mido

we need them both



2015-01-20 17:02:55 pik

the prize is the habitat and a mystery prize if you collect all the itens



2015-01-20 12:42:39 Lilium




2015-01-20 04:45:15 debbie st jules

I need a pink magnolia tree for a mission and have no credit cards so how can I complete



2015-01-19 13:31:00 Antara

This mission if different on We have to build a campfire in the 2nd mission.



user 2015-01-19 05:18:26 khristjan

Hello Maddy, at least on facebook game it is the same! You can collect the avocados from the tree and count for the mission!



2015-01-18 16:44:04 Odrah

Put these pipes on sale! Its expensive, sheesh



2015-01-18 16:39:10 Elisa

It costs 22 RC.