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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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Granny’s Birthday Barn Dance
Trouble in Paradise
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2014-12-17 15:37:40 Sunflower22

s3gr3to, I do not even bother to open the bottle messages. They tend to hang my game up and I have to refresh it. But besides the pretty graphic there is nothing.



2014-12-17 12:26:09 Madalina

I think it gives truffle all my dogs are giving this till now



2014-12-17 10:19:10 anckesunamun

Please, I need expansion discounts!!!



2014-12-17 06:59:24 guto

grytbit feed apples to kangaroo habitat to get macademia nuts



2014-12-17 05:56:16 grytbit

Where do I get macadamia nuts?



2014-12-17 05:52:31 mum-1

what is the puppy giving?



2014-12-17 05:34:31 -Alone-Girl-

piece of cake.....^_^



user 2014-12-16 23:17:31 s3gr3to

What have I to do with the bottle message (submarine)? The message is: "Yuck, smells like low tide around here! Where am I anyway? Hello? Anybody out there? MARCO..."



2014-12-16 18:51:27 Misia_XP

Eeeee...? Hej? Ja chce max 100 dukatów za darmo... Jestem biedna



2014-12-16 14:05:55 Sunflower22

r_gamer, you can complete any of the first 6. After you have completed the first 6 then you can start the second 6. For levels 70 and above it was for love cakes which also shows a picture of heart cookies.



2014-12-16 11:34:57 r_gamer

What pretty feathers! I am also happy to have an animal that eats nectar. It kinda seems like the first part should give you the hummingbird pair and the second part should give you the two babies though, since you are supposedly working to help them hatch! I bet they would have been super cute.



2014-12-16 11:28:47 r_gamer

Is this one of those ones we have to do in order, or can we complete the missions in any order? Also, for #12 for the Levels 40 and above, it says to produce Love Cakes, but the picture is of a Heart Cookie, so which do we really need to make?



user 2014-12-16 02:06:18 StonerProud

WTF is the point in having this page up? This is the reason why incredibly stupid people need to commit suicide! It would make the world a better place to live!



2014-12-15 20:17:21

please bring the Rubber Container on sale, we need it, please,please!!



2014-12-15 20:04:49

Please bring the Mashed Potato Barrel on sale,please,please,please!!!!!!



2014-12-15 19:38:04 farmer56

Only one price.... Why we do not have two to choose from like all other Christmas missions?



2014-12-15 18:58:17 MewMew

What We need for Christmas wreath?



director 2014-12-15 12:37:15 Amy

MissS7: Halloween Pumpkin



2014-12-15 11:45:46 MissS7

Can anyone tell me what gives headless horseman? From long i can not open decorations,materials and building menu.



user 2014-12-14 20:18:16 seemaniaz

plzzzzzz give this mission back on



2014-12-14 16:59:57

please bring Aluminum Plate on sale, please,please,please!!!!



2014-12-14 16:02:22

Please Sale on Silkworm Bush tree, please!!!



2014-12-14 15:54:57

please bring ribbon scroller on sale, please!!!!



user 2014-12-13 21:33:22 froufrou04

I had no idea that hummingbirds are so pretty and it was about time to give us animals that use nectar...I have more than 30000 nectar available



2014-12-13 21:28:35

great mission and quite beautiful feathers for beauty shop or workshop...I cant wait to start it



2014-12-13 20:22:32 Christmas Owl Habita

Hmmm These owls eat mole meats and give Christmas Owl Cards. LOL Now why would I want this?



2014-12-13 20:07:28 1pikefish

pluck, pluck, pluck....



2014-12-13 17:46:55 kentaxit

Love Cake or Heart Cookie?



2014-12-13 17:13:26 BabluCR7

finali i got the Weaver Bird Habitat . feeling good



2014-12-13 16:16:09 mido