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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2014-11-28 06:49:23 Maria

kntaxit: What gets harvested from the Sinterklaas Countdown? Is it another Aviaries Park (coins), or another Magic Tree (random useful item or two)?



2014-11-28 04:57:10 sam




2014-11-28 04:21:36 pie

What does the Sinterklass Countdown give? I already have the candy m/c is it worth it?



2014-11-27 14:49:04 Sunflower22

Does the Sinterklaas Countdown give coins or is it like the magic tree or is it something different? Thanks in advance.



2014-11-27 13:33:36 bomm

fast candy machine, or some decoration



2014-11-27 12:54:20 Steyn

yipee... just won the snail race in the very first attempt... extremely lucky



2014-11-27 12:42:45 anacina

Linda decoração!



2014-11-27 11:32:59 kaka

What this decoration give?



2014-11-27 10:24:10 kentaxit

Fast Candy Machine and Havestable Decoration Sinterklaas Countdown



2014-11-27 09:28:14 mido




2014-11-26 10:27:35 paipai

thank you wee777!



2014-11-26 02:22:14 sharky

Hi farmer56, you can have the turkey by exchange 20 yellow and 4 pink tickets in the game, you will get the red Bourbon turkey - complete the mission and get the piggy to, good luck



2014-11-25 21:29:59 Incindra

the turkey is the group reward for the global event with the jasmine as well now



2014-11-25 20:15:04 farmer56

Another bust mission. I do not have a turkey and wanted to play this mission to get it... but in step 5 they want creamy turkey soup and to make it I need to have a turkey?? Catch 22, as for Thanksgiving Classic Mission it is not available on Plinga.



director 2014-11-25 19:58:16 mooducky

by doing the love at second sight mission and picking the tree reward



2014-11-25 18:44:52 blossom

Very nice mission. I aimed to get two of each and am about to get another blue deer too. I wish they give more such missions. I love family barn. :-)



2014-11-25 18:21:31 theSimbul

when do we get the BIG Maple Tree??



2014-11-25 16:33:48 wee777

you have to buy the wheel first, then the well will become available



2014-11-25 15:27:47 paipai

must i buy the wheel first to get the chance to buy the well? I have over 100 points now but only the chance to buy the wheel. the well is still "grey".



user 2014-11-25 00:05:12 bansazz

When do we get this truck on the other page/games.



webmaster 2014-11-24 15:14:04 BuryLo



user 2014-11-24 13:39:24 froufrou04

I thought the 15 creamy turkey soup step is for 73+level.After all this mission is for players over level34



2014-11-24 12:53:39 Gufo

TINTU - for turkey try Thanksgiving Classic Mission



2014-11-24 08:42:17 TINTU TUNTU

since i dont have turkey i wanted to play this mission. But in level 5 they are asking for 15 creamy soup.



2014-11-23 18:03:06 sharky

they blocked my account on gamesgames, because i win the last compitetion and annoy them requesting my prize (200 RC and 5 items of my choice), did anyone had a block and if anyone knows what to do? in this on go a head and take the piggy, the turkey is avalible for exchange for 20 yellow and 4 pink ticts



2014-11-23 11:37:19 Rose

i only make libras, aquarious and gemini. but ive got that beautiful well, i really want to get to the deer. great mission, all the prizes are beautiful.



user 2014-11-23 07:14:13 khristjan

Indeed: No RC needed for this machine!



2014-11-23 07:13:41 khristjan

No RC needed for this machine!



2014-11-23 01:07:28 Crube

Nutty Welcome Wreath is 6 Chestnut, 6 Pink Ribbon and 6 Hickory per wreath, made in the Beauty Shop



user 2014-11-23 01:04:48 louise82b

The Star Ferris Wheel sells for around 240 coins and the Glow Stick Machine for 120 or 140 coins may as well get something to show for all our hard work lol