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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2014-08-22 17:26:51 JoJo

I cant seem to access the production guide. My link is bad, I used it before going out of town and now that I am back, it is gone. Is it gone? I hope not. And if not, does anyone have the link? Thanks!



2014-08-22 16:38:39 froufrou04

this is great!!!!After more than 3months today we finally got this mission on bad I traded the gnome glasses



2014-08-22 15:46:00 MadalinaTeleman

very funny! we just get this mission on ))



2014-08-22 14:14:53 Sunflower22

ajitpoore, if you need the wood you can buy an oak tree, the products are the same. Yes only on FF do ash trees give oak wood. Otherwise the ash tree was a prize for a clickfest awhile ago so I do not think it is regularly available.



2014-08-22 14:14:17 Kaaha

yes you can place the pond on the first farm



2014-08-22 13:38:20

I dont have the second farm, but can I place the Lobster Pond?



2014-08-22 13:15:00 froufrou04

looks like a nice and easy mission...even though we dont see the reward at the moment



2014-08-22 11:29:48 ino

reward heron or boxing kengarro gives meat



2014-08-22 11:29:33 Ada

Heron or kick boxing kangaroo



2014-08-22 11:20:04 kentaxit

What is thw reward?????



2014-08-22 11:07:37 TintuTuntu

What is the reward???????????



2014-08-22 10:17:31 Abhi1999

why ?



2014-08-22 09:15:21 froufrou04

ash tree was a reward for a previous collection-mission.So far its not available in the store.You can have wood from oak tree that costs 6rc.Oh and I think ash tree is a special level-up reward for lvl135!Good luck



user 2014-08-22 06:32:36 ajitpoore

does anyone know how to get the ash tree?



director 2014-08-21 19:19:46 mooducky

sorry i do not add people from here



2014-08-21 19:12:54 Abhi1999

please add me as your neighbour, mooducky.



2014-08-21 18:41:14 wolverine

i can log in but can not see any of the icons at the bottom of the screen or my RC.. PLEASE fix game!!!



2014-08-21 18:37:18 wolverine

when will the game work right?



director 2014-08-21 15:52:27 mooducky

they already have added the days



2014-08-21 14:34:58 shireen62

Floral Top Flower was in sale and 4 days were left. But they finish it today THAT IS NOT FAIRRRRRRRRRRRRR



2014-08-21 13:43:18 Abhi1999

Are they really going to add 3 extra days to "Hawaiian ukuleles" mission ? please reply..Thanks in advanced..



2014-08-21 07:21:19 Summer Diet Mission

I guess I can skip this one. cool!



2014-08-21 04:41:47 Sameyo

Please please fix the game as early as possible !



2014-08-21 01:57:17

What is the relationship between FunPlus and Plinga



2014-08-21 01:26:20 wolverine

i meant coming BACK since the game was messed up



2014-08-21 01:23:58 wolverine

is this mission coming to i hope so... was looking forward to do it



2014-08-21 00:57:51

some neighbors helped my farm,but how did they come here without the neighbors list? I can not help them back.



2014-08-20 23:23:38 Afi

Worst mission ever, same rewards but not useful for those who have already.



2014-08-20 21:15:48 MissS7

I can log in now game but i dont see that home bar or that where is coins and rc,hope they fix it soon..



2014-08-20 21:00:38 Sam

My game isnt working properly yet