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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2016-05-28 21:08:43 GreyLace

1pikefish: Yes, all three should be completed in order to gain all rewards. The Beach Balls are collected in order to trade them. This FaceBook page shows the rewards (The first and then the final 4 photos):



2016-05-28 17:19:15 1pikefish

there are 3 different tasks the, one for a penguin, one for a giraffe, and one for a poodle. So, are we doing all 3?



2016-05-28 15:43:59 mido

very boring tasks



2016-05-28 04:43:40 Amanda

new: Zodiac Centaur Necklace sell for 50, Double Heart Ring sell for 168, Clover Brooch sell for 40, Turquoise Ring sell for 320, Narwhal Horn Pendant sell for 23, and Lapis Lazuli Earring sell for 338



2016-05-26 09:08:44

the awards is a choice between wild indian turkeys and the purple water dragon



2016-05-26 05:15:54 elicat

I think the second award is the purple water dragon



2016-05-26 02:59:42

the first is bourbon turkey..second award..??



2016-05-25 14:07:37 Sunflower22

Shannon, the other prize is a wood duck habitat, a new item. In general click on the Polish flag, red and white, in the upper left and the steps of the mission are posted by players in Poland the first day of the mission. They also post other new things that are occurring. Usually you do not need to translate anything but Google Translate is usually sufficient if you do.



2016-05-25 11:54:06 mum-1

anyone know what Dragons and Vikings limit mission needs and what the prize is?



2016-05-25 07:51:08 Shannon

what are the prizes besides the mangrove tree please?



2016-05-25 01:33:18 kk

Do we need RC for this?



2016-05-24 21:52:35 Sunflower22

Thanks Mido, I forgot the swamp ash is like the pond apple.



2016-05-24 21:37:57 mido

Sunflower22 first you have to dry them in dry house then you will find them in the the barn



2016-05-24 20:56:05 Sunflower22

I harvest my swamp ash but it does not go to the barn. I do credit in the mission for harvesting it, but I need the swamp ash splints to make some things also. I have refreshed many times. Any one else having the same problem?



2016-05-22 23:31:17 elicat

reallydarkblue - the level up button is at the bottom of the machine house screen (next to add machines). If it is not there, it means you have reached the max of your machine house. Btw the machine house we got as a reward for a mission is only a level 5 machine house and we cannot level up that one.



2016-05-22 21:33:57 marcia adams

how much rc will i need to build song bird habitat



2016-05-22 17:58:25 reallydarkblue

Hello - I am looking for the level up button for the machine house - does anyone know where is it? The level up button is not at the bottom, it is not in the question mark icon and not in the clock icon. Please help. Thank you.



2016-05-22 11:35:05 adam




2016-05-22 08:29:30 Nikolina21

For the elegant card maker you need 8-9RC & 20 card maker balloons which u can ask from your neighbours (5-10 are given as a gift while finishing 1st task)



2016-05-22 08:25:44 Nikolina21

The goose habitat idea & graphics are awesome! Well done to the team!



2016-05-20 13:18:26 sony

nice want more ranch



2016-05-20 10:44:45

r_gamer the fruit vinegar machine was a reward for a previous calendar.Check in your yellow giftbox before starting to complete a new one.



2016-05-19 06:02:25 appleapples76

David look under page 9 of animals on the left side of this page



2016-05-18 16:40:53 Sally

There are not any tasks.. You just make items in the refreshment shop and collect coins those are then used to the drinks needed for the mission



2016-05-18 13:12:31 vanollope

a description of mission taskes**



2016-05-18 13:11:36 vanolope

can some one give me the mission tasks and the amount of ranch required in the refreshment shop for the mission bountiful beverages..thanx in advance



2016-05-18 10:30:42

i tried but it didnt appear..thnx for helping sunflower..i just hope it might appear again..



2016-05-17 19:27:58 Sunflower22

I finished the bountiful beauties mission and got 2 pink dolphins. The final prize is Poseidon bottle that gives miscellaneous water ranch crops. Try refreshing your farm or logging out and back in and see if that fixes it.



2016-05-17 19:07:36

please somebody tell me if you got the bountiful beauties ..mine appeared and then disapeared the other day..there is no description about it a i gonna get it back later..if any one knows please do tell me



user 2016-05-16 22:39:54 mv

Did anyone win the Tulip Festival? Wondering how many tulip patches it took to get the prizes. How many did you manage to make?