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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2015-06-30 05:26:17

mistake:level 35 - Gasoline



2015-06-30 05:25:21

level 30 - Gasoline



2015-06-29 15:10:52 Sunflower22

Abhi1999, paradise island has islands that you gradually open that produce regularly various crops, no planting necessary. You use these crops in the various restaurants to produce foods that you then leave to be sold at the hotel. You can send crops from your main ranch to the paradise island, and there are a few items, longan tree, for instance that you can purchase on paradise island and send back to your main ranch but it is almost a separate game.



2015-06-29 11:36:19 Mary

I got 60 points and finished quite high (top 5) in the competition.



2015-06-29 11:35:17 Mary

The dog center takes much space and now the same for cats. Need better warehouse, need so much gifts at higher level. Hars to have space for everything.



2015-06-29 09:54:00 Abhi1999

what does the paradise island do ? or is it only for cooking things ? pl explain..thanks in advanced



user 2015-06-29 08:07:15 froufrou04

the stuff you get from the dogs(made in adoption center) can be used in hobby shop



2015-06-29 02:26:52 Sunflower22

Sasha, you can build all of the sheepdogs you want anytime you want in the dog adoption center, you may want to consider the princess deer instead. The sheepdog usually gives duct tape, sometimes old coils. These items are used in the workshop.



user 2015-06-29 01:19:08 froufrou04

PERFECT!!!! I was looking forward for this princess deer



2015-06-28 23:28:50 Sasha

What does the Sheep Dog gives?



2015-06-28 05:15:25 magnito

any rc to build that



2015-06-27 20:50:37 ash

what does it need to build ?



2015-06-27 20:45:35 ash

what it need to built ?



user 2015-06-27 17:50:44 Lasix

Cost 10RC...



2015-06-27 16:33:21 Sunflower22

The cat adoption center lets you periodically harvest fluff balls, rope, etc that you use to build machines and eventually adopt cats. The cats periodically give you felt, buttons other items. It is very similar to the dog adoption center. You do not have to spend RC, although you can make it operate faster by spending RC. There are no coins required after the initial purchase. For the dog adoption center, eventually the hobby shop came along and you could use the products of the dogs there, not yet for the cats.



2015-06-27 15:34:11 KHADIJA840




2015-06-27 14:18:22 Noon

change level 80



2015-06-27 10:32:10

Now level 30 - Rubber Tree,level 90 - Colorful Pie Machine



2015-06-26 22:57:58 Sunflower22

This is a question about Paradise Island. I just did enough to level up to Bronze level III and did not do much more in the competition. I got 40 reputation points as a prize. Was there a real prize if you did more? missha, I do not know how long Paradise Island will be up. There are several items, Longan tree, vacation chicken and bear, for the main ranch that currently you can only buy with silver coins you earn on Paradise Island.



2015-06-26 15:35:23

what do we need this for?



2015-06-25 14:15:24

Ahmed you dont need rc to complete this machine.Only free gifts from neighbours



2015-06-25 14:09:29 Ahmed

Do we need any Rc for This Machine? Please Help



2015-06-25 12:49:19 Sunflower22

Greylace, Thanks for pointing out that the message bottles now have one green voucher each. I have a pile I had not opened, so a nice source of green vouchers.



2015-06-25 12:38:37

this pelican habitat needs 5turf+5pelican flower+5decoration duck(free gifts from friends) and a pelican nest for8rc(now 7rc on sale).No need level-up though



2015-06-24 16:03:09 GreyLace

So far, I only received one message bottle from Darryl. It had a riddle (Something like "What did one shore say to the other? Show me your mussels."). It also had one green voucher.



2015-06-24 02:48:56 confuncio

Kiarasof, thank you!!!! have a great day =)



2015-06-24 00:26:08 missha

After the 3 months, will the Paradise Island be deleted? If so,is it vain that I spend my RC?



2015-06-23 23:42:40 Kiarasof

Yes confuncio!



2015-06-23 20:00:57 moo

it does not click on the calendar and you do NOT get the log in rewards like RC ... ALL it does is keep you from losing days on your count .. so like mic said if you have a lot of login days its not worth using



2015-06-23 15:25:28 mic

You can read the explanation once you buy one, from what I remember: you place the castle and get a menu when clicking on it to activate absence mode. That costs you RC depending how long you want to be gone but stops you losing login days during that time. Unless you have very few login days and would fall below full weekly rc by being away, this sounds quite pointless. Dont think it clicks the calendar for you, maybe someone who actually used it could answer that.