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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2015-01-31 02:48:38 Moo

No you could only make 3 items ... Say you have a shop on main ranch making three items A B C... You have a level 2 shop on garden ranch and go to gardens ranch that shop would be making item A and B that the shop on main ranch is already making



user 2015-01-31 01:52:33 khristjan

Hi, I have a level 5 Animal House and now I am starting a new one, so be patient for the Level 4 and levels 7 and up! For Level 2 and 3 I used the information provided by Pipoca For Level 1: 15 White Stone and 15 Wood Beam (All can be requested to Neighbors) 1 Wood Door (Cost 4 RC) You will get: Space for 2 items For Level 2: 20 White Stone and 20 Wood Beam (All can be requested to Neighbors) 1 Water Trough (Cost 6 RC) You will get: Space for 4 items For Level 3: 25 White Stone and 25 Wood Beam (All can be requested to Neighbors) 1 Wind Vane (Cost 8 RC) You will get: Space for 8 items For Level 4: XX White Stone and XX Wood Beam (All can be requested to Neighbors) 1 XXXX (Cost X RC) You will get: Space for 16 items For Level 5: 25 White Stone and 25 Wood Beam (All can be requested to Neighbors) 1 Wind Vane (Cost 8 RC) You will get: Space for 20 items For Level 6: 30 White Stone and 30 Wood Beam (All can be requested to Neighbors) 1 Water Trough (Cost 6 RC) You will get: Space for 25 items PD: I am a Facebook player, but maybe apply to the other servers.



user 2015-01-31 01:49:01 khristjan

Sunflower22, I will try your recommendation! Thank you very much!



2015-01-30 18:42:54 Sunflower22

Mooducky, so if one beauty shop was level 3 and one was level 2, could I make 5 different items at a time?



director 2015-01-30 17:05:30 mooducky

no the beauty shops are connected ... you can only have one on each farm... they had it so you could make one on each farm before they created the short cut on right side



2015-01-30 15:46:44 SUnflower22

IF I put down a second beautyshop and build it, can I make the same item in each one at the same time? How does the second one show on the short cut on the right side?



2015-01-30 14:20:16 Antara

On, this peagasus is given as a reward for completing the mission "halloween adventure"; the clasic mission.



2015-01-30 14:15:36 Sunflower22

khristjan, I do not think there is a restriction on length, but if you use apostrophes, quotes or a lot of other punctuation they do not post. A longer comment is more likely to have these punctuations and to fail. So do not use dont and you can not use cant. Hope this helps.



user 2015-01-30 10:03:31 evie

Can this mission be repeated?



2015-01-30 09:18:36 pari

how much rc needed



user 2015-01-30 06:32:01 khristjan

I can not write a big paragraph! Do someone knows if there is a restriction on the comment lenght?



user 2015-01-30 06:27:47 khristjan

I think I will not be able to collect a whole row! But will try, with a good amount of luck i might finish it!



2015-01-30 06:26:17 khrisjtan

Now I have collected 10 Frozen Items with only 3 days remaining!!



user 2015-01-30 06:25:11 khristjan

I have a level 2 Aqua Shop so using the option to make 2 different items at the same time, and trying to make the highest XP items in order to reach the 125 points I have shortened.



user 2015-01-30 06:22:42 khristjan

r_gamer: About your question of Seals Family mission: I think is almost impossible to do it, at least for a level 61 like me.



2015-01-29 16:22:19 wolverine

i have both of these rewards but will go for another frozen machine



2015-01-29 16:14:58 Sunflower22

Why can not the land sales ever include the water ranch yards?



2015-01-29 13:45:55 tavia_d

Yes; Is a Bunny home that gives you fuzzy fur.



2015-01-29 13:07:25 Noon

Is that right, the reward of mission: visit to grandma is a fuzzy rabbit?



2015-01-29 11:22:56 r_gamer

Yeah, I have noticed that they like to make it impossible to get all the items in the allotted time without spending RC. Bennadas: unfortunately that is not really true. You lose whatever space on your ranch and money you put into building it, and I unfortunately have had plenty of experiences with trying to stave off starting a mission, and then having them give only a few days to finish it. Speaking of which, has anyone started the Seals Family mission recently who can tell me for sure if they still give the full amount of time to complete the mission?



2015-01-29 07:41:49 furious4z

omg i want knight and horse



2015-01-29 07:39:57 furious4z

whats the 2nd reward....???



2015-01-29 06:07:06

i need the date tree, please bring this mission back,plzzzzz



2015-01-29 05:43:50

I think I need lots of RCs if I want to do this.



2015-01-29 05:42:49

First time in my history ever, I have them both.



user 2015-01-29 02:38:19 jandrews

Mine says I have 18 days to finish. I can harvest once every 20 hours without spending RC. I need 23 more decorations to get the pony. Did some one forget how to do basic math? Harvesting once a day you need at least 24 days to get 24 decorations.



2015-01-28 21:10:38 niba

wht r the rewards ???



2015-01-28 19:55:11 mido

I already have both too



user 2015-01-28 18:32:40 froufrou04

is this a frozen food machine?Why dont they put something new? I already have both



2015-01-28 18:18:56 1pikefish

nice, and today is January28 and we have no access to this treehouse yet. we will need to put it together and start collecting decorations 24 all of them in 16 days. this is unfear to us