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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2014-10-31 10:59:25 sammi

but i had to harvest 50 watercress and for the 2nd step complete the aqua shop and 60 water bufollo milk... :O



2014-10-31 10:56:12 furious4z

1 more bird....its easy



2014-10-31 10:30:31 Morangion

please to up the day clollect one week



2014-10-31 10:23:26 TINTU TUNTU

Am unable to see the procedure. Plz help me wid it and also plz tell me wats the reward. Thankssssss



2014-10-31 08:52:14 farmer 12

Does anyone know a way to get a crop and a tree crop everytime you visit a friends far?



2014-10-31 08:32:53 zoka




2014-10-31 04:04:44 sug2h

Thanks wik8801 for the info! @farmer12 : when you are in the Beauty Shop, look at an item you can craft, and in the upper left corner of this image, you have a little icon in the shape of a clock. If you let your mouse over it, it will tell you how much time is left for this item. If there is no clock at all in the upper left corner, it means that it is a permanent item.



2014-10-30 19:55:28 r_gamer

Is the Love Turtle Habitat the only one available now? That seems weird since I thought "Love" usually indicates a limited edition item… Was this regular Turtle Habitat only available in a mission? When and which one, and is there any way to get it anymore, or do you have to make the Love Turtle Habitat instead?



2014-10-30 19:46:12 wik8801

Time for the ghost candle has been extended to 28 days.



2014-10-30 17:20:58 sammi

Please add descriptions about " the aqua shop " mission.. thank you



2014-10-30 16:46:13 farmer 12

sug2h how do you know that the candle will not be available anymore?



2014-10-30 15:53:58 me

for first you need Aqua shop (7 rc)



2014-10-30 15:05:00 Dany

valeire91: First you need to dry the watercrees in the drying house with fire and then you can use them in Water Buffalo.



2014-10-30 14:44:17 AJ

Sunflower22, The Halloween House that you get after selling 1200 chive items in the personal event is just a decoration. It is not a harvestable decoration.



2014-10-30 13:55:58 TINTU TUNTU

Can anyone plz guide me in The Aqua Shop II? As I want to know the steps and the machines required for the mission. Thanks in advance



2014-10-30 11:18:07 sharky

Did anyone have a tip for this miss, cant collect the requiered number I do accept and add you Madalina 2 days ago (if i am not appeared on your list please send me another one)



2014-10-30 11:05:20 Madalina

peeps here at Lvl +56 there is a step which is not mentioned. on the same step with cobble floor you must plant first Rotala and after that you can harvest on step 2



2014-10-30 06:17:06 Maria

Black Pegasus is back!!!!!! Sweet!!!!!!!!



2014-10-30 05:10:47 sug2h

oh no! I still have 15 days to complete the mission, so I was not in a hurry, but I just realized that the ghost night candle (step 11) will not be available anymore in 1 day and 23 hours! (( what am I gonna do?



2014-10-30 01:55:20 Sunflower22

For everyone who has asked how to get coins, this is a good opportunity. The global farm event is the cow in the gold circle on the right side. You can do it for the next 3 days. You grow the new crop, chives. You either buy the packer, no RC, 12500 coins or if you have the spice mill that is better but it requires RC. Then you do enough to get just the ticket. Then in 3 days you get the global prize which is a piggus pumpkinus coop, It eats halloween pumpkins, 95 and gives pork 181. Very profitable animal.



2014-10-29 22:24:22 Journey

mido: Sometimes it could be something as simple as too many trees in a grove. If you have managed to utilize the glitch that allowed more trees in the groves than you should have, this is why your account is blocked. However, that being said, you need to contact support, give them about 7 days to review and respond back. They will, I can guarantee, but you also have to tell them that you do not use any form of cheat programs but you may have "repeat" may have utilized a glitch that allowed you to have too many trees in a grove.



2014-10-29 15:53:21 Sunflower22

There is a farm event involving the new crop, chives, on the right side. Does anyone know if the house that is the final personal event prize is just a decoration or if it gives something? Also is it true that the group prize is the piggus pumpkinus coop? If so this is one of the most profitable animals to own.



2014-10-29 04:12:40 Trick-or-treat Pony

This sure is one TINY pony so far.



2014-10-29 03:14:18

You can use the Witch Bunny Fur in Toy Machine



2014-10-29 00:09:35 Auca

How can I get this fast machine ?



director 2014-10-28 21:25:53 mooducky

they are now in the classic mission section



2014-10-28 18:37:00 zona

plz post mission steps....



2014-10-28 13:05:42 drg

i saw this mission in classic missions.Does anybody knows the tasks?



2014-10-28 12:49:01 screw_rc

it was stupid to require RC to complete the majority of the machines and shops.



2014-10-28 11:49:50 Madalina

this bunny gives you a kind of fur.