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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2014-09-20 04:53:30 purslane

A summer grove takes only 9 RC to build. But a level 5 machine house takes lot of RC. So a better choice is the machine house. If you want the grove you can build it yourself.



2014-09-20 03:35:03 MohaMM3D

i chose the machine house although i have one but because firstly its lvl 5 that can hold up to 20 machine and secondly the summer grove we can get it for no RC if we use market order vouchers that was my experience



user 2014-09-19 20:26:03 froufrou04

what is the use of greenery after completing all water-expansions?



2014-09-19 20:23:09 sharky

i got a machine house from the start, is it wise to get another one or not?



2014-09-19 20:15:11 desi

I got the machine house today after finishing the mission. It is complete with full levels. Lots of storage room. Yay!



2014-09-19 19:39:48

not need 2 Containers now.we need only 1 container.



2014-09-19 19:12:35 CutiePie-17-

mooducky please make a list of how many items can be stored in here to start with and what is needed for each consecutive level? Also how many more can be stored at each level. thnks in advance!!



2014-09-19 17:16:32 Dabbous

Its Lv5 Machine house



2014-09-19 16:34:52 MissS7

Both rewards are awesome! If machine house is all complit than its way better than grove to choose. Hope someone will give us true answer about machine.



2014-09-19 11:23:53 r_gamer

Sweet! Thank you CutiePie-17-! Now I just have to get enough gifts to actually finish it… :}



2014-09-19 04:22:26 sug2h

kylar : you can store your machines in the machine house as long as you want, whether they are in use or not. And its very useful, heres an example: If you put your baker on automatic operation (NOT stored), it will work only if you are online playing. But if you ask for 100 bread from your baker STORED in your machine house, the bread will be done even if you are not online playing, and it will stop at 100. Soooo useful for some missions!!



user 2014-09-18 21:41:29 froufrou04

tough one (;



2014-09-18 21:21:19 kylar

Akulka, thanks for answering me, I can leave my machines in the machine house overnight mean I can store my machine only when they are in use or I can just store the without using them (just like a warehouse)??



2014-09-18 20:45:43 mido




2014-09-18 19:22:28 byby

why did not recognise my fireplace for kitchen? y spend 6 rc last time, and now i have to buy again... why?



2014-09-18 17:25:18 Gufo

You can have more machine houses. I have 6. They are very useful.



2014-09-18 15:42:10 FIOII

kylar: except using the machine house as a storehouse it is very useful to order products at the amount you want and when you come back they are done, it speeds the missions. Does anyone know for sure at what level is this machine house as a reward and can we have two machine houses?



2014-09-18 13:03:23 Akulka

kylar, sorry, not live, but leave your machines



2014-09-18 13:02:34 Akulka

a ja bym chciala te misje, dla flagi



2014-09-18 13:01:52 Akulka

kylar, you can live your machines in the machine house overnight.



2014-09-18 12:31:25 kylar

can anyone answer my silly question: if I can already use the automation to get the machine to work, any benefits to have a machine house?? or can I use the machine house as a warehouse to store my machines in it? if my goal is to get my ranch more space efficient, i should get the grove or machine house? any idea?



user 2014-09-18 12:09:14 CutiePie-17-

r_gamer its just like workshop



2014-09-18 08:36:13 Fly

which way for Darry?



2014-09-18 08:24:58 r_gamer

Question about the Floral Art Shop: Does it make things instantly like the Warehouse, or does it take time like the other Shops? If it takes time, please include the times here, along with adding in the Floral Art Snail…



2014-09-18 08:22:51 r_gamer

Hi Carro. I have not been to this link for a while, or I would have answered you sooner. Thank you for the suggestion, but the problem is that when the administrators changed the Neighbors setup last November (?), they completely messed up both the gifting setup and "Last Helpers" tab (I play on qiqigames). Now, only about 1 in 15 names show up when people send me gifts, so I cannot go and help on their ranches in return like I used to; and also it never shows anyone having been by to help on my Ranch, even though I know they have since I still get "so-and-so helped water …" messages. I have mentioned before on the Last Messages page that sometime I am planning on posting a huge "please fix these bugs" message on their official forum, so please keep an eye out and vote for it. (I have been planning this for a few months, but I am a huge procrastinator, so I will also mention on this site when I finally do it!)



2014-09-18 05:54:37

tough one.:-( have to get turkey, pudding machine, and persimmon tree.



2014-09-18 05:00:06 bb

does it cost any RC to level up the machine house??



2014-09-18 02:11:50

Its not easy mission for me...I have to get a Persimmon tree,Pudding machine,Buttter Machine and a Turkey...



2014-09-18 00:17:02 Lerura

kentaxit: Depending on how many gasoline you trade at once you get 60-70 timepoint for 1 gasoline. You need 1 time point per minute commenced. So at worst exchange rate you need 1 gasoline per working hour.



2014-09-17 21:21:50 kentaxit

How does Machine House work? We need gas to make it run, so how many gas we need for one machine run in one hour? Please help me answer my question, thank you